Cut in Colour with Luminosa

Cut in Colour with Luminosa
Cut in Colour with Luminosa

Groom Professional Luminosa Colour


Just in time for Christmas we are delighted to release a brand-new Groom Professional scissor range! The Luminosa range features 16 models including ball tip (safety), straight, curved, blender, and chunker models as well as lefty options. The scissors are priced from £59.95 - £94.95.

These level two scissors are a perfect next step for new dog groomers as they build on their experience or a great work-horse scissor for everyday grooming.  Developed with high-quality VG10 stainless steel, (with a hardness rating of 62-63 – tougher than Japanese steel!) to retain sharpness these scissors will allow you to cut in colour for longer.  Their durability means they won’t need to be sharpened so frequently, but the hardness of the steel means they can be sharpened more, giving these scissors a longer life.  The convex edge allows for effortless soft cutting, leaving you with a smooth professional cut at every angle. ​

Luminosa means ‘full of light’ and these stunning and unique rainbow scissors will brighten up your salon.  Each pair are unique in colour as you’ll see from our gorgeous product images, but the inside blade is silver, so the rainbow colour won’t be harmed when the blade is sharpened.  The adjustable tension screw is accented with a purple gemstone and each scissor features soft pale pink finger inserts for comfortable all-day use. 


Durable Comfortable Sharp Smooth Simple-Stunning



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