Video Blog - Groomer Scissor Care - Getting it Right

Video Blog - Groomer Scissor Care - Getting it Right
Video Blog - Groomer Scissor Care - Getting it Right


Your scissors are probably the most used piece of equipment in your salon, one of the most personal and as a result, they become priceless, so you will want to get their care & maintenance right.

If you want to make sure they last as long as possible and give you the best cut, it’s important to care for them correctly, whether it’s your chunkers, thinners, straights or curves!

Check the Tension is Correct 

Checking the tension of your scissor regularly is necessary, especially in the first 2 months of use as you get used to your new tool, and the pivot washer settles into place. 

Correct tension of your scissors will ensure you get the best use out of your scissors. If the tension is too loose it will cause your scissors to fold and bend the hair rather than cut it and if it’s too tight it will cause premature wear of the blade edges as well as user fatigue. 

Never adjust the tension on your scissors while the blades are open as this may cause nicks to the blades.

Check out Sammy Cheema, CEO, and founder of Kenchii explaining how to check the tension of your scissors.



Cleaning & Oiling 

To clean your scissors use a soft cloth or scissor brush to remove any loose hairs.

If you fail to clean them regularly they will become prone to corrosion. 

Once the tension is set correctly on your scissors and they are clean, it’s important to keep the pivot joint well lubricated.  Proper lubrication lets your scissors cut effortlessly and give a smooth finish.

To oil, add 1-2 drops of scissor oil to both sides of the pivot area, making sure to wipe off any excess.  Open and close the blades to work the oil into the scissors.

Sharpening & Maintenance

The number one cause of dulling edges on scissors is incorrect tension.  So if you have corrected the tension, have cleaned and oiled them regularly, and are still having problems you should have your scissors sharpened. 

If your blades have small nicks one them it’s vital you sharpen them before use, as this can cause larger nicks on both blades.


At the end of each day, after you have cleaned your scissors, it’s important to store them correctly.  Correct storage will protect the end of your scissors from nicks, dents and even breakage.  


If your scissors come with a protective case, you should use this for storage.  If not, check out the Groom Professional Scissor Cylinder. It is filled with soft plastic 'noodles', which move to form the shape of your scissors, hold 8-10 pairs and will protect your scissors from scratching as well as keeping them well organised and quick to hand!


NEVER toss your scissors into the drawer unprotected.


Remember Lefty is Loosey and Righty is Tighty!

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