Scissors - How To Choose the Right Pair for You!

Scissors - How To Choose the Right Pair for You!
Scissors - How To Choose the Right Pair for You!

Scissors get the right pair

Dog Grooming Scissors

Selecting a pair of scissors is very personal. These tools become an extension of your hands and making sure they are fit for you and fit for purpose will ensure you are achieving top results and repeat business.

There is a wide range of different quality scissors on the market but it’s important to look past the look of the scissors and focus on metal quality, cutting performance, and handling.


Comfort – Ensure that the fit and weight of the scissor is comfortable. This is so personal, and hard to judge based on someone else’s review.

Quality – Selecting the best quality scissor you can afford is a worthwhile investment. Higher quality scissors, if maintained correctly, will need to be sharpened less and will last you a long time.

Selecting the right level - It’s important to take into consideration your skill level and what you will be using the scissors for.

Level 1 Scissors are perfect for you if you are a start-up groomer or a student.  

Level 2 Scissors are a great work-horse scissor for everyday professional grooming and a great next step as you gain experience. 

Level 3 Scissors are fantastic for professionals who take scissoring seriously and will last several years if they are looked after correctly.

Level 4 Scissors and Level 5 Scissors are a fantastic fit for the experienced groomer who wants an immaculate finish. These scissors are more expensive and are great for competitions, but not so great for ultra-matted coats or difficult dogs so consider this when purchasing scissors at this level.


Make sure that you are selecting the right level of scissor for you but also the right type of scissor for the job.


Bevelled edge/serrated scissors – These are easier to use because of the micro serrations on the blade which help control the hair while cutting. They tend to be the less expensive scissors too so are great for students or start-up groomers. Bevelled edge scissors are better for general cutting and less-suited to finishing work.  

Convex blades deliver effortless cutting with extremely smooth blades, a fine arch, and a tapered point. These may be more difficult to master but as your skill level increases and you get more experienced you will acquire the technique and confidence to use a convex blade to create exceptional results.


Symmetric Handles allow you to use both sides of the scissor and change the way the scissors are held offering more freedom during grooming.  

Offset Handles - With the lower thumb hold offset handles are more natural to hold so this limits strain on the wrist which leads to pain and fatigue allowing you to scissor for long periods with ease.  


There a 5 different types of scissor


Straight Scissor

 Straight scissors are the most commonly used. These are multi-task scissors suited for general body grooming, straight lines, and neat finishing work.

Roseline Straight Kenchii 5-Star

Curved Scissors

 Curved scissors are great for wool coat or fluffier breeds as they follow the body contours. Some groomers find it easier to used curved scissors for angulation on a bichon or the tail of a poodle for example.   

Astrid Curved Mi-Style_Curved

Thinning Scissors

True thinning scissors are designed to ‘thin’ hair by removing the bulk from a dog’s coat. They will have teeth on both sides

Geib Thinner Scissors  Blue Quartz Thinner


 Blenders have teeth on one side and a blade on the other. Used to smooth clipper and scissor lines. The more teeth, the smoother blend. If used over a comb you can create a gorgeous finish with a consistent length while still maintaining texture.

Artesan Chomper Blue Quartz Blender


 Chunkers (also known as texturisers or fishtails) Have teeth along one edge in a sort of T-shape. These are fantastic scissors to finish your groom. Chunkers give a softer and more natural finish and can be used all over the dog. Be careful when purchasing and get a high quality, weightier and short chunker (nothing over 7”) and these will be a fantastic tool to ensure no scissor marks when grooming.  

Geib Black Pearl Chunker  Sirius Chunkers


Below is a quick guide to scissor length

scissor length guide

Regardless of the level or type of scissor, you are using it is important to look after your scissors to get the best out of them. Although all scissors can be versatile, they perform best when used for the task for which they were designed. 

How to look after your scissors

Store your Scissors safely - Make sure you store your scissors in a case or a scissor cylinder - a knock or a bump to your blades can not only damage them but also knock out the alignment off causing unnecessary friction which can blunt your blades. Remember: never store your scissors near magnets as this can affect their magnetism and can cause them to attract dust. Correct storage will protect them from dirt and debris in your salon.  

Oil regularly – This stops produce (such as scissor sprays), or moisture and bacteria building up on the blades, and will protect the metal from rusting.  

Wipe your scissors down after each groom. This will remove debris that may work its way into the pivot section and reduce your blade mobility. At this time when groomers are particularly concerned with infection control, this will limit the transfer of bacteria between dogs.

Check the tension before use – If the tension is too tight, you’ll impose unnecessary wear on your scissors and it’ll also make the scissors harder to work with and could cause hand or wrist injuries. If the tension is too loose the scissors will not cut hair and instead may just fold it. Having the correct tension on your scissors will also prevent catching. It is worth practising with your scissors before use to familiarise yourself with the correct resistance and this will help you avoid catching teeth. To test the tension, you should lift one of the blades to a 90-degree angle and let it drop. If the scissor is at the correct tension the blade should only fall to the ⅔ closed position.

Keep an eye on our social media for details of upcoming events and shows that we will be attending. 

Shows are a great time for you to not only meet our staff and our Brand Ambassador but also to ask all your scissors questions.  You’ll get to see and handle the scissors giving you a good idea of what feels comfortable for you. 

*With current restrictions, many of these events aren’t happening in 2020, so if you need any advice on scissors please contact our Sales and Customer Care Team on the phone or via live chat, and they can help you select the right scissor for you.  



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