Groomers Helper Starter Set

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  • Pet safety & position system
  • Calms, prevents biting & leaping 
  • Quick release grooming loops
  • Prevents need for second groomer

Groomers Helper - Starter Kit

Groomers Helper®, a revolutionary pet safety and positioning system developed by a Margate, NJ, grooming shop owner, is grabbing the attention of professional groomers coast to coast and has begun to transform the grooming industry. 

The system virtually eliminates the hazards to both the pet and groomer by preventing biting, calming the pet and impeding its leaping off the table.  It also reduces needing a second groomer to assist with difficult tasks such as clipping nails, and it greatly quickens the time required for grooming because the animal is gently held in position and unable – and therefore disinclined – to constantly move around.

The Groomers Helper® system provides a patent-pending quick-release 5/8" grooming loop, clamp (will fit 1/2" to 1 1/4" grooming arms) and tether to hold and position the pet from front and above for use with a standard groomer’s table, which is equipped with a pole and extended arm.  The gentle tethering discourages the pet from moving and reduces the radius in which it can turn its head to bite by about 90%, to only a few inches.  An advanced professional model of the Groomers Helper® includes a second quick-release grooming loop, clamp and tether plus two attachable table poles to hold the pet from front, above and side, enabling the groomer to access parts of the head such as a pet’s beard more easily, or to be used to support and position the animal’s hindquarter, which is especially beneficial for grooming cats and older dogs.  

In addition to increasing safety, by eliminating the pet’s ability and desire to struggle, sit, dance around, drop its head or leap off the table, the time needed to complete a grooming is reduced substantially using Groomers Helper®, enabling groomers to increase their daily grooming schedule by as much as a third or more. 

  • Pet safety & position system
  • Calms, prevents biting & leaping 
  • Quick release grooming loops
  • Prevents need for second groomer
  • Suitable for standard grooming tables with a pole & extended arm
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