Christies Fastlink Chain Set

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Groom Professional Fastlink Chain Set

Comes in 3 different sizes (10", 15" and 19"). We recommend first time groomers to purchase a set which is good value for money and then after this purchase extra Fastlinks as needed.

If you use the Groom Professional Fastlink system, you never have to raise and lower your holding frame top crossbar. Put the noose on the dog, attach the noose to the link that is right for that dog's height!

Never adjust the height of the crossbar again...

  • For taller dogs you hook the noose to a higher Fastlink
  • For shorter dogs, hook your noose to a lower Fastlink
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Never have to raise and lower your holding frame top crossbar

Groom Safer
Never drop another grooming arm on a dog's head. The Groom Professional Fastlink system is a safety improvement, and made with strong metal and sturdy clips, which your clients and their dogs will appreciate.

Groom Faster
No need to adjust the frame between grooms, simply attach the noose and begin grooming. Can be used with any table, holding frame or noose.

It can also be purchased in a 4 or 6 piece set. 

4 piece set contains
1 x 10" chain, 2 x 15" chain, 1 x 19" chain.

6 piece set contains
2 x 10" chain, 2 x 15" chain, 2 x 19" chain.

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