Introducing Pet Packs

Introducing Pet Packs
Introducing Pet Packs

Are you embarrassed taking a matted pup to the groomers every visit?

Do you struggle with your dog’s shedding at home?

Are you searching for advice and products for simple at-home coat care and pet pampering?   

Are you ready to become a Home Groom Hero? 

Then read on!


Dog Shedding Grooming Tips

Maintaining your dog’s coat is more than just a vanity pursuit.  Dog Grooming is vital to prevent matting, to remove dead hair and dirt, to distribute natural oils and stimulate the skin, and promote hair growth. Simple grooming will stop your pup from developing skin problems that could lead to more serious conditions and will keep your pup healthy and happy!

Here at Christies Direct we are driven by our passion for pets.  Creating our new Pet Packs has been a project we have truly enjoyed and we hope to equip pet owners with the knowledge on how to properly look after their dog’s coats between grooming appointments and share the products they need to do it.

We believe beauty is more than skin deep and in our Pet Packs we want to give pet owners professional quality products that are simple to use at home and specific to their dog’s breed and coat type.  Our Pet Packs feature your full at-home grooming routine.  From coat care products to ear, eye, and nail care - our products are developed with quality ingredients and, along with our innovative tools, they are tried and tested by professional groomers worldwide.  These products work to the highest standard!

Our Pet Packs create a bespoke kit for happy home grooming so you can not only bond with your pet and have fun, but also help keep your dog’s coat healthy and avoid a frustrated groomer!

Getting Started

In order to create a bespoke kit for you and your dog, we will start by asking you what breed of dog you’ll be grooming.  Our smart search will put together a personalised Pet Pack for that breed and coat type.  You can then shop for the items you need or, buy the whole kit with 10% discount.  If you are new to at-home grooming no problem – we will explain why we’ve chosen each product so you can select the items that will be most useful to you.   Don’t worry If your breed is not listed, we will get some further information from you about your dog’s coat type in order to personalise your pack. 

As well as sharing the best products for your dog's coat type we also have a playlist of education videos created by top groomer and Chrsities Direct Brand Ambassador Michael Shiels to help you with your at-home pet grooming.


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