Skye's Pet Pack Review

Skye's Pet Pack Review
Skye's Pet Pack Review

Skye's Pet Pack Review


In August on the blog we introduced Skye who had found her furever home with photographer Jordan in August 2018.  Jordan had mentioned that although she attends the groomers regularly he is keen to help maintain her coat between visits so in the lead up to launching our new Pet Packs we sent Jordan and Skye her personalised Pet Pack to see what they thought.

Skye's Pet Pack 

Here is what Jordan (and Skye) thought.

- Large

“We brush Skye every other day and I honestly regret not using one of these sooner. People always comment on how shiny her coat looked so if I’m being honest I was a bit reluctant to try another brush as I didn’t see it making any massive difference... well I don’t often admit when I’m wrong but on this occasion, I will!! The amount of hair that came away from her undercoat actually shocked me, especially as she was brushed the day before with the brushes we already had. The first time I used it, I did think it might catch on her fur as it’s quite a fine comb but it just glided through her fur with ease.  The difference after using it was instantly noticeable. Her coat is even glossier, and felt so much smoother to touch.  I found it quite therapeutic as did Skye as she just lay there.”


Groom Professional Amplifier Slicker

“There were a few obvious differences between this slicker brush and the one we had been previously using - this one has a much firmer base with less spring back and the pins are much longer and curved. Again, this glided through her fur. Skye doesn’t really have matted or tangled fur and we have always put that down to us brushing her every other day, but I can imagine that if she had any matted fur this would get rid of it with just one stroke. Skye’s previous slicker brush always left her very smooth and sleek, however, this slicker leaves her with a lovely plumped up looking coat - she looks like she’s just come back from the groomers!”


Groom Professional Comb

“This is such a great tool. As much as Skye loves getting brushed she’s never been too much of a fan of a brush around her paws and face… and I don’t blame her - most brushes are large in size so this comb is perfect for her paws and face as it’s quite discreet compared to the other brushes. Again, the pins are nice and long which means they get all the way through her coat, they are rounded with a smooth edge which is a nice touch. It’s a lovely comb to handle, a nice weight and again just glides through the fur and surprisingly does a great job at removing some of the undercoats too.”


Blue Lagoon Cologne

“We had used other groom professional colognes previous to this scent and loved them as they are so long lasting. The Blue Lagoon scent is very fresh and not overly perfumed once it’s settled onto the fur. A little goes a long way!”

Water Magnet Towel

“When I opened Skye’s Pet Pack and saw the water magnet towel I was very excited to try it - let’s face it, we aren’t exactly blessed with great weather all year round and more than often enough we get caught in the rain.  This results in a very wet dog, and a very wet owner, so we always need to have a towel at the ready. When we bath Skye ourselves we need to set aside a good part of the day due to drying time… she retains so much water in her coat so I was hoping that this towel would cut the drying time. The water magnet towel doesn’t feel anything like a towel but more like a very absorbing cloth. We bathed Skye to put it to the test and if I’m being honest it’s probably better suited to smaller breed dogs with a short coat. It did absorb a fair bit of water from Skye - so much that I could wring it out. The material feels thicker than a normal towel and it felt quite stiff and more like I was wiping her coat rather than drying it. I will say that it was great for drying up the scene after bathing her. The size of the towel is maybe a bit small for Skye but would be great for a smaller breed dog or if it’s just a quick dry or clean up then it’s perfect.”

Groom Professional Shampoo | Conditioner - Argan Oil

“SMELLS INCREDIBLE!!! Skye officially has nicer shampoo and conditioner than her owners! Some shampoos that we have used in the past have been overly perfumed and not that pleasant for me or Skye.  This Groom Professional Argan Oil shampoo and matching conditioner smell great and didn’t seem to bother Skye which is always a plus! The shampoo works into a lovely lather and a little goes a long way, I was impressed how easily it washed out of the fur as I have found with other shampoos it keeps lathering and looks like a foam party after a few minutes but this wasn’t the case at all which was great! The conditioner is silky smooth and again very easy to apply onto the coat. Skye’s fur dried silky and has a lovely sheen and smell to it! I definitely look forward to using again.”



If you are a pet owner and you want to get into a good at-home grooming routine to maintain your dog’s coat between grooming appointments, we’ve made it really simple to get started.

Enter your dog’s breed and we will put together a personalised Pet Pack for them.  Don’t worry if your dog’s breed is not listed, we’ll ask some further questions to get an idea of what coat type you will be grooming so we can make sure we recommend the best products and tools.  Our Pet Packs are a comprehensive bundle of everything you’ll need to become a home groom hero.  You’ll love being able to care for your pet and bond with them through grooming.

Pet Packs

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