Emily Myatt Talks - Happy Hoodie

Emily Myatt Talks - Happy Hoodie
Emily Myatt Talks - Happy Hoodie

A happy hoodie  is an absolute must when it comes to any Grooming salons

They are very common for students, especially when they are using a dryer.

Some dogs become anxious or fearful of the air noise and wind force associated with high-velocity dryers

The happy hoodie  protects the dog from noise, helping to keep the dog calm. This is particularly good when it comes to a dog who is anxious or worried.

The thick material helps soak up moisture from the covered area, assisting the drying of ears and face. 

Happy Hoodies are soft and stretchy, so they have good elasticity when placing onto the dog, and are also very well cushioned, to ensure the dog stays comfortable.

Simply place the Happy Hoodie over the pet's head onto its neck. Place the ears against the pet's head, so air cannot get into them and slide the band back over the top of the head to secure the ears in place. 
Adjust the width of the band to best fit the pet by folding over excess material once the band is on. 

Each pack comes with 2 sizes, small and large.

They come in 3 different colours, pink, white and black.

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