Preventing shedding in dogs

Some double-coated breeds shed profusely once or twice a year, others shed year-round. Good overall grooming habits are the best long-term solution to reduce the clean-up of unwanted hair and it helps keep the pet cooler for longer in both long and short-coated breeds.

De-shedding Shampoo

Many de-shedding shampoos are formulated to release loose hair and undercoat and typically contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are ingredients known to reduce excess shedding. Protein can also be found in a de-shedding shampoo as this will help strengthen the hair shaft and protect against any excessive shedding. For maximum results, you can use this shampoo in conjunction with a massaging brush or grooming gloves whilst in the bath.

De-shedding Tools

In addition to using a de-shedding shampoo, regular brushing can help eliminate any loose and dead hair from the undercoat. A slicker brush with longer pins will really get the excess hair and minimise any coat shedding. Other tools that are great for de-shedding would be a pin brush, combs, undercoat rake, and a shed stopper.

De-shedding Sprays

There are some sprays that can be used in conjunction with a slicker/pin brush that aids in the de-shedding process and helps to minimise any further shedding. This is a convenient way to clean and freshen the pet’s coat, as well as reduce shedding between baths. Ingredients found in these sprays are similar to the de-shedding shampoos and therefore help to promote and support a healthy and shiny coat.


Remember that using a de-shedding tool weekly is ok for short-haired pets, but it is recommended that medium-long haired pets are de-shedded for a few minutes every day in hot weather. This is to prevent any mats and tangles and also helps the pet regulate their body temperature.

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