How to Dematt a Dog Using Les Poochs

How to Dematt a Dog Using Les Poochs
How to Dematt a Dog Using Les Poochs

dematting a dog with les poochs

How to Dematt a Dog Using Les Poochs

Knots, matts and tangles, dog groomers can never escape them, and often getting rid of these can take up a lot of time in your salon. Follow our guide on how to dematt a dog, so that you can spend less time on knots and tangles, and more time on mastering your craft.

les poochs degreasing shampoo

1. Use a detangling shampoo 

It’s often said that prep work is key for any groom, and this can include prepping for those dreaded tangles. If you groom a lot of dogs that aren’t regular, or their owner has forgotten to brush them (again), using a shampoo and conditioner with detangling and hydrating qualities will help to nourish the coat, aiding in working away those knots. Use a nourishing shampoo all over the dog to provide the coat with moisture. Then, use a detangling shampoo on problem areas after and gently work this into the matt to soften the hair, making this easier to brush out afterwards.

The Les Poochs Pooch Botanique F&T Degreaser Shampoo  contains a truly unique blend of 12 natural oils, making it one of the most effective degreasing shampoos, and it repairs damaged areas it works to nourish and condition the coat by deeply penetrating the hair shaft, working out tangles from in the hair to out. It removes tar and gum, sebaceous oil, yeast build up and “stud tail”. This shampoo is fantastic in an emergency, simply pour it onto the troublesome area and gently work this into the coat, before rinsing.


les poochs detangler

2. Use a detangling spray before blow-drying

Our next top tip is to make sure you are using detangling spray. Detangling spray is a coat care product that works to remove matts and cut down on brushing time. This can once again be applied all over or applied to specific areas to target tangling. Most detangling sprays can be used before drying and after drying. We’d suggest working it into the coat before drying, to help prevent any matting that could be caused by the air.

One of our favourite detangling sprays is the Les Poochs Detangling Spray . This is a lightweight spray, so it won’t leave residue or be too heavy on curlier coated breeds. This detangler contains positively charged molecules that stick to the hair strand. The positively charged molecules then repel from each other, separating the hair strands. This prevents further matting and actively works to reduce the toughest of matts.


3. Make sure you are blow-drying directionally 

So, now you are ready to blow-dry the dog. After doing all that prep, you want to make sure that you are using your dryer blaster correctly to avoid further matting. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you are directing where the air hits the dog coat. On curly/wool coated breeds, blasting straight from the root outward will add volume and aid in fluffing the coat without tangling. For long and silky coats, direct air in a specific direction to get the coat to lay flat where you want it. By being purposeful in where you position the dryer and the air, you can avoid your dog’s hair from being swept up in the wind, which leaves hair silky, soft, and tangle-free.


les poochs matt zapper


4. Use the correct brushes

Now it’s time for the final push before you decide to shave off the matt. Picking a brush that can tackle matts with ease could be a lifesaver in your grooming salon! Firstly, identify the matt using a comb, then using a detangling brush, start from the outer edge of the matt and gently work your way towards the centre. Patience is key and so is being delicate to avoid hurting the dog.

One of the best detangling brushes in the market is the Les Poochs Matt Zapper . This brush can truly work through the most horrible matts, and most groomers often use this brush as a last resort before shaving or cutting the matt out. It has a unique bristle layout, which dematts up to 50 times better than the regular Les Poochs brush line. It is recognised as the first line of defence in emergency matting situations, making it a worthwhile investment for your grooming business.


5. Retail products to help prevent matts

Every professional dog groomer will say that the most challenging part of their job are pet owners who don’t brush their dogs between grooms. Keeping a supply of detangling shampoos and brushes in your salon to retail to your customers may be a great way of helping to prevent more matts from coming into your salon. As your customers will be investing in these products from a professional, they are more likely to use them in between grooms, plus it means more profit for you!


Say Au Revoir to matts! 


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