10 Best Dog Grooming Scissors to Cut Through 2023

10 Best Dog Grooming Scissors to Cut Through 2023
10 Best Dog Grooming Scissors to Cut Through 2023

Luminosa Scissors 10 Best Scissors



Scissors are an important part of the kit for any groomer. Having a sharp pair is crucial in providing a good quality groom. Deciding what pair to go for can be a minefield so we have collected the best across levels 1-4 to help you choose.



Kenchii Show Gear Deluxe Scissor Set


For students or anyone looking for their first step into grooming, we have the perfect set to get you started. The Show Gear Deluxe Scissor Set is the ideal set of level 1 scissors for any beginner. A straight, curved, and thinner scissor all made from high carbon stainless steel, for a durable edge that cuts effortlessly through all coat types. It also includes two soft ring inserts for extra comfort, control and proper finger fit. They have a removable finger rest for customized cutting. Smooth satin finish with an adjustable flat tension screw assembly which requires no special tool for adjusting.



Dezynadog Sirius Scissor


If you are looking for a level 2 workhorse scissor, then we have a Sirius contender. Named after the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation these scissors will really shine when put to work. Made from sharp and smooth 440 steel and with an adjustable tension screw, these scissors will provide an exceptional cut. The attractive coating also adds durability to keep the Sirius working for a long time.


Available in a straight, curved, chunker, thinner, and left-handed, you could also pair these with the Groom Professional Sirius Leggings so that your scissors aren’t the only ones looking stylish in your salon!



Roseline Roseart White/Black Scissors


A double entry here for the Roseline Roseart White Rose and Black Rose Scissors. Made from high-quality German steel, these scissors also include a single microserration for added durability and finger inserts. These Roseart Scissors are perfect for professional dog groomers that require a durable scissor that will cut thick hair and grip as it cuts and shapes. Perfect for hard-working professionals who have great fun at their work.


The Roseline Roseart is available as a straight or a thinner in both the white and black designs.



Dezynadog Aureus Scissor


The Dezynadog Aureus is a fantastic and elegant level 3 scissor range. By using Chinese VG10 Stainless Steel these scissors retain an excellent sharpness. The striking gold design makes these one of the nicest scissors to look at, but the soft rubber inserts provide comfort as well as style.


The Aureus range includes a straight, curved, chunker, and a blender, in both left and

right-handed versions. Each scissor is also beautifully presented in a protective DezynaDog branded black case to keep your scissor safe when not in use.



Groom Professional Luminosa


A great way to stand out from the pack, the level 3 Groom Professional Luminosa don’t just look great, they cut fantastically and leave a finish befitting such an amazing-looking scissor. With high-quality VG10 Stainless Steel, you won’t have to worry about your scissors retaining sharpness anymore. To top it off a beautiful gemstone adjustable tension screw allows these scissors to truly balance looks and functionality.


The Luminosa is available as a straight, curved, blender, and chunker, as well as left-handed options. The stylish pink pouch will also keep your scissors safe in between use.



Kenchii Peacock Scissor


Kenchii has become a brand known for consistently putting out top quality and the Peacock range is no exception. These level 3 scissors use premium Japanese Steel that has excellent corrosion resistance and an alloy designed to increase resistance and strength. The stylish duotone blue and blue-green titanium finish as well as the custom peacock assembly cap and blade markings make this an incredible set to look at as well.


This limited-edition range is available as 8” Straight and Curved, as well as the 18 Tooth Blender. You will need to be quick as tools of this quality will not sit around for long.



Geib Black Pearl Scissor


Much like a pearl prised from the depths of the ocean the level 3 Geib Black Pearl Scissors will be a prized possession in any groomer's kit. Made with a fantastic cobalt alloy metal these scissors also come with a sparking titanium-coated black finish. The ergonomic offset handles will keep it comfortable in your grip whilst it effortlessly cuts through the coat, leaving a neat finish.


The Geib Black Pearl Scissors are available in a straight, curved, thinner, chunker, and a blender.



Kenchii Rose


Another beautiful level 3 scissor from Kenchii, the Rose is an excellent scissor made with Japanese steel and with a lovely rose gold finish. The Semi-convex and micro-serrated edges help to reduce slippage and enhance cutting performance. Great for everyday grooming they also come with an oiler and ring insert to keep them in top condition and comfortable in your hand.


The Kenchii Rose is available in a straight, curved, blender, and thinner.



Chris Christensen Adalynn Rose


We couldn’t have a list of dog grooming products without a mention of the always-iconic Chris Christensen. A well-deserved entry with the fantastic Adalyn Rose scissor range, made from 440c Japanese Steel, with a rose gold titanium finish. Each of these stunning scissors also consists of convex and slightly bevel blades that allow for bulk cutting.


The Adalynn Rose is available as a straight, curved, thinner, and a chunky blender.



Kenchii Kaizen Scissor


If you are looking for a top-quality level 4 scissor to finish off your kit, then look no further than the Kenchii Kaizen. A project that took almost two years and several moulds to perfect, you can see a glimpse of the quality in the beautiful ornate handle and motif. Using the Kenchii lets you see just how impressive this scissor is. Using cobalt and vanadium, this scissor is incredibly sharp and will leave an extraordinary finish.


Designed for elite groomers, or those ready to take that step, the Kenchii Kaizen is available as a straight 8 or 7.25 inch scissor.



Now that you're equipped with knowledge of some of our best scissors you can head over to our Scissors page and see everything for yourself. Should you have any questions our Customer Care Team are always on hand to help match you with a pair that suits your needs.

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