Why Dry Dog Shampoo is a Pet Owner’s Best Friend

Why Dry Dog Shampoo is a Pet Owner’s Best Friend
Why Dry Dog Shampoo is a Pet Owner’s Best Friend

why dry dog shampoo is a pet owners best friend


Any dog owner has been in that moment where their lovely and clean pooch, out on a lovely walk, throws themselves into a muddy mess. Given how time-consuming bathing even the most willing dog can be this is often a disaster! Rather than spend the time filling a bath and preparing shampoo and towels, the smart pet owner has a little portable secret up their sleeve to help in just this moment.


Dry Dog Shampoo.




Anyone who has used dry shampoo on their own hair in-between washes knows just how handy this can be. The amount of time that can be saved by simply rubbing in a powder or foam to ‘freshen up’ is staggering. Those with this experience who also own dogs have no doubt been left wondering at some point – Is there a dry shampoo for dogs?


soapy dog


At Christie’s Direct we know that you want your beloved pooch to be just as fresh and clean even in-between washes. So, by introducing a range of dry dog shampoo, you can do just that!


collection of dry shampoo


Available as a foam, spray, or a powder, this handy range from top brands like Groom Professional, Groom Professional Fresh, and Show Tech + is also perfect for those dogs that love to get into a dirty mess when out and about. Simply apply the powder, spray, or foam and brush through and you will have a nice clean friend!



Remember, greasiness is gross! No one wants to pet a dog with greasy fur, but some dogs will naturally be this way soon after their regular bath. Rather than wasting time with constant baths, dry shampoo will remove that greasy feeling and make the coat soft and cuddly once more.


Groom Professional Fresh Aloe and Avocado Dry Wash


For those dogs with flaky, dry, or irritated skin there is also an option! Groom Professional Fresh Aloe and Avocado Dry Wash is a foam dry shampoo that contains Avocado Oil, a rich source of Vitamin D and E, as well as Aloe Vera which will gently soothe the skin. It also contains Provitamin B5 to strengthen the hair whilst also leaving a long-lasting fragrance.


Groom Professional Perfect Hair


For those owners who would prefer a handy powder, there is Groom Professional Perfect Hair. Not only does it contain Vitamin PP, but it is easy to apply and leaves a lovely lavender scent! Since Lavender is known to be calming for dogs this can change bath time from an uncomfortable to a quick and enjoyable experience!


Show Tech + Quick Clean


Finally, for those who prefer a spray we have Show Tech + Quick Clean. This Aerosol is enriched with Asian rice starch, known for its high absorption capacity, as well as cleansing and nurturing properties, and a special surfactant which combats static hair.


Approaching dog with dry shampoo


With this knowledge you will now never be left unprepared between washes or after a muddy accident. Our full range of dry shampoo can be seen here as well as our regular shampoo here should this have inspired you to also take your bath time to the next level.

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