Dezynadog Magic Formula De-Matt Magic Shampoo

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DezynaDog Magic Formula De-Matt Magic Shampoo

This shampoo does just what is says - dematting magic! Over the years, groomers have appreciated how effective De-Matt Balsam is at dematting and detangling the worst of coats.

This shampoo contains a unique blend of ingredients, including guarani, that work in conjunction to help knots slip out and moisturize the coat to restore any damage caused by matting or styling and prevent future matting.

Use this shampoo on matted dogs, those with dry or damaged coat and long coated breeds. This shampoo is effective for using on long coats to help prevent matting.

Use in conjunction with De-Matt Balsam or, feedback from our testers, stated that it was just as effective at dematting and detangling on its own! Made to the same high quality specification as all DezynaDog shampoos and has a similar scent to De-Matt Balsam. Made in the UK.

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