Love What You've Got

Love What You've Got
Love What You've Got

Love What You've Got

Love What You've Got

As February is known as the month of love, we want to talk about the importance of not only loving what you do as a pet groomer but loving your products and equipment to get the most out of them too. We are going to share with you, our top tips on how to make the most out of everything you already have in your grooming salon.


Investing In the Correct Dog Grooming Products and Equipment

Shop smarter and you’ll shop less!

We are all aware of how costly it can be to kit out your dog grooming salon as a dog groomer but investing in the best quality products and equipment is going to save you a lot of money in the long run and give you the best results. Although a great deal may seem amazing at the time, is it really that amazing if the product/equipment isn’t fit for purpose or breaks down frequently down the line? It’s important to know when and when not to cut costs. 


Here at Christies Direct, we stock the best-quality grooming equipment in the industry. Sometimes it pays off to spend a little extra on products and equipment to get the most out of them and ensure they are the best quality. This means you won’t need to replace them as often. Finance options through Klarna are available on our website to give you this choice and make costs more affordable.

Do your research before you start throwing cash at products. At Christies Direct, we have an excellent and extremely helpful sales and customer care team to give you the best advice and product recommendations. The team continually work on their product knowledge by receiving training from brand and grooming experts.

Grooming Product Maintenance and Care

After purchasing, product maintenance and care is the most important aspect of the job to keep you going as a groomer. Make sure you show your products some extra love and attention by ensuring you’re carrying out the regular, necessary maintenance. Products needing the most care include clippers, scissors, and blasters.

Find out how to care for them properly here.

Multi-use Salon Products

Sometimes you can use products for things other than their intended purpose!

Kayla Harrison Groomer

Our brand ambassador, Kayla says: “I use the 4 in 1 Blade Spray on my grooming tables when the H Bar gets stuck! I use Groom Professional Wondercoat on pretty much every breed, even if they’re not static as I like how it leaves their coat and sometimes, I even use dog colognes as body sprays, haha!”

Revisiting Products You Have but Haven’t Used in A While

Sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder and the same can be said about products that have been sitting in your cupboards for a while. Why not try these products out again, you may just fall in love. Check the use-by dates on open products you don't use regularly, as their functionality will be affected once they pass that date. For example, if stored correctly, Groom Professional products can be used up to 3 years once opened.

Dilution Rates on Shampoos

Choosing a dog shampoo with a high dilution rate is going to be much more efficient in your salon as you are going to get so many more uses from the one bottle. Every bottle of shampoo will have a dilution rate printed on the bottle so why not take a minute to have a look and make sure you’re getting the most out of your favourite products? We know that dilution rates be confusing, so our Christies Direct Mixing Bottle will be your best friend and make it a lot easier! For a tutorial on using our mixing bottles to dilute shampoo, click here.

One shampoo range that groomers absolutely love is the Chris Christensen SmartWash50 as it has a dilution rate of 50:1!

Chris Christensen Shampoo

Hopefully, you picked up some tips and tricks from this blog to help you get the most out of the products in your salon.



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