10 Dog Groomer Essentials for 2023

10 Dog Groomer Essentials for 2023

10 Dog Groomer Essentials for 2023


We have discussed recommendations for all kinds of grooming products in 2023, from clippers, to scissors, and even our best scents! One thing we haven’t covered is the essentials every dog groomer needs. These span a wide range of categories, but they all share one thing in common, they will make your life easier as a groomer and once you start using them you will find you can’t live without them!



Fast Dri


Fast Dri has become one of the top Groom Professional Products, impressing everyone who tries it! If you’re one of the select groomers who haven’t (there are not many) then it's actually pretty simple! Fast Dri is a finishing spray that cuts drying time in half. The unique formula neutralizes the hair's natural ability to hold water, dramatically reducing drying time. It also contains special conditioners. As any groomer knows, time is money, so why wouldn’t you want to save as much as you can?


Water Magnet Towel


You may think that just any towel will do the job, but this is not true. The Groom Professional Water Magnet Towel is a specifically thick yet soft towel that is designed to “drink up” water. This works perfectly for rubbing down dogs straight out of the tup, keeping your workspace clean and safe.



Dezynadog Magic Coat Spray


Whether you’re scissoring, styling, or just freshening up your pooch, the Dezynadog Magic Coat Spray is just what you need. This spray is simply magic, making itself useful in a variety of salon situations. It will condition, detangle, and reduce static! Instead of constantly searching for different sprays why not use this all-in-one coat spray?



Groom Professional Coat Repair Conditioner


If your customers are coming in with brittle, lifeless coats that you’re struggling to rejuvenate, then this is the solution for you. Groom Professional Coat Repair Conditioner is a favourite amongst many groomers who seek a top-quality finish. Apply this conditioner to a damp coat after shampooing, for a beautiful soft coat from even those in the worst condition.



Groom Professional Bye Bye Buzz Shampoo


Dogs of all kind will come to a groomer and you should be prepared for this. For this with itchy and irritated skin Groom Professional Bye Bye Buzz is a fantastic choice of shampoo. Bye Bye Buzz will aid in alleviating skin irritations and also contains coconut oil for added coat and skin conditioning. This deep cleansing shampoo will also leave the coat plush, clean, and fresh.



Happy Hoodies


The grooming salon can be a place of great anxiety and fear for some dogs. One of the least popular parts of a groom for many dogs is the dryer, where the noise and force of wind can be very upsetting. To alleviate this stress as much as possible all groomers should use the Happy Hoodie. The Happy Hoodie slips over a dog’s head and muffles noise, keeping them calm during drying. It is also made of an absorbent material that will actually soak moisture and assist in drying. Available in multiple stylish colours, you can prevent anxious dogs in your salon today!



Jelly Pet Loops (TGM Product of the Year 2022)


Nothing makes a groom tricker than keeping a dog still for the process. For most dogs this is simply not in their nature, that is where Jelly Pet Loops come in. These loops help to keep the dog in place so that you can work away. They are tough and durable, as well as being waterproof and mould resistant so they can be used on wet dogs too! They will also fit easily to grooming tubs and tables and can be bought in various sizes and colours depending on your requirements.



Groom Professional Hyperclens Sterilising Surface Spray


Keeping your salon clean and disinfected is a crucial part of managing it correctly. With Groom Professional Hyperclens Sterilising Surface Spray you can effectively clean and disinfect all surfaces within your salon. Since dogs are more likely to carry all kinds of nasty things into your salon this is an essential item for keeping any salon safe.



Groom Professional 2023 Appointment Planner


Every year plenty of Groomers (and business owners in general) make the vow to be more organised. Every year the majority of those same groomers fall back into the same chaos as the year before. You can avoid this by using the Groom Professional 2023 Appointment Planner. This large A4 planner is a groomer-specific diary that will allow you to track appointments and add essential notes like temperament, styling, and more! he diary also features handy references like a full calendar for public holidays, blade charts, dryer maintenance and scissor maintenance. Each month features a 'Things to Remember' page to take note of important dates or things to do. Each day has a handy checklist, allowing you to make a short to-do list.



Groom Professional Blo i600 Dryer/Blaster


A good quality combination dryer blaster is perhaps one of the biggest time savers a groomer can have in their salon. If you’re looking to get yourself one or upgrade to a top-of-the-line version, the Groom Professional Blo i600 Dryer/Blaster is the perfect choice. Two motors with variable speed and heat settings make this the ideal machine for a busy salon. It incorporates the latest dryer technology including an ionic capability, which means the hair dries faster, with less damage, and retains shine and vitality. The special inlet system will reduce noise, leading to a more comfortable working environment. It can be used as a blaster or finishing dryer using the straight dryer pipe, or the 2.5m hose.