Canine Oral Health - Sparkly Gnashers are just as important for dogs

Canine Oral Health - Sparkly Gnashers are just as important for dogs
Canine Oral Health - Sparkly Gnashers are just as important for dogs

Dog Oral Care Tips

Canine Oral Health

Canine oral hygiene is something that is often forgotten about until it’s too late and let’s be honest none of us want our dogs to have to be put under general anaesthetic just for teeth cleaning. This is the procedure with many dogs that we see in salons, and I cannot stress enough that prevention is better than cure.  

As dog groomers, we are up close and personal with parts of dogs that owners cannot even get close to so it is our job to tell them the how's, the whys and the when’s. When grooming, always make sure you are thoroughly checking over the dogs and always be honest with your customers about what you have found from a lump to a wobbly tooth. It is better that they know, and it also shows how professional we are rather than just a doggie hairdresser.  


Dog teeth cleaning routine

We recommend that our customers start dog teeth cleaning sessions as soon as they have finished their puppy package, this not only ensures dogs are used to it but also that oral hygiene is just part of their life the same as grooming. Customers get complimentary teeth cleaning in the puppy package as well which helps with desensitisation for the dog and builds good habits with the owners.

As with many things, prevention is always better than cure - we wouldn’t start cleaning our teeth when they were decaying and falling out, would we? Canine teeth are no different and if you don’t offer a dental care maintenance package, you certainly should! Not only is it in the best interest of your 4-legged clients but it is also extra revenue for your business, which is a bonus.  

We offer a teeth and gums cleaning package for £8 with a groom and £15 without a groom. This is offered from a young age to promote good oral hygiene and ensure those gnashers are in top condition for all the kisses they will give their owners! Keeping the plaque and tartar at bay, will also help eliminate bad breath. My top products are Petcare teeth gel, Petcare fresh breath foam , Duel ended Tooth descaler and Baby toothbrushes. 

Pet Care Fresh Breath Foam

How do we do our teeth clean I hear you ask? Here is a step by step:  

  1. During the bathing process before I shampoo, I squeeze a pea size blob of pet care teeth gel each side of the mouth along the gum line. I rub it in with my finger to coat all the teeth. This helps to soften the plaque. 

  1. Whilst the plaque is softening, I wash the dog as normal.  

  1. When the dog is wrapped in a towel, I then use a baby toothbrush to brush the teeth, dependant on the amount of plaque I sometimes add a bit more teeth gel to the brush. Its soft bristles help to work off some of the plaque that has now softened. 

  1. Scaled and polished - If the dog allows me to, I will use the descaler to slightly pick off any plaque build-up.  

  1. I use the fresh breath foam to make sure that they are kiss ready.  

  1. Last of all make sure to rinse and sterilise your toothbrush heads between each use!  


This teeth cleaning service only works on a maintenance basis so its not going to solve 12 years of bad dental hygiene BUT by offering it to all your customers when they first come to you, I promise they will save hundreds at the vet if they look after their dogs’ teeth like they look after their own.  

Kayla x

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