Your Goals for 2021

Your Goals for 2021
Your Goals for 2021

Your goals for 2021Your Dog Grooming Business

After surviving the challenge of 2020 we wanted to share some business resolution ideas that could help you this year - to be more organised, improve your salon performance, and help grow your business. There are so many things to do when you are running your own business and it is easy to end up tired and frazzled and have no time for anything else.  We’re not suggesting you tackle all these ideas in 2021 but hopefully, you can select a few realistic goals that fit your grooming career and your business.

Boost Productivity

Make sure you are choosing products and equipment that will work hard for you.  The ultimate aim is to cut grooming time without affecting the quality and finish of your work.  Some simple changes can make a difference, for example introducing products like our Groom Professional Fast Dri Spray, and Groom Professional Water Magnet Towel will help cut drying time.  Another important point is - don’t just make do. If there is a product or piece of equipment that is slowing you down, giving inferior results, or just making life more difficult, then it’s time to replace it. Do some research, read our blog posts, and check out our YouTube channel for advice, and if you have any questions chat to our knowledgeable sales team who can help you find the right item to make your life easier.

Cut your drying time


Reach for a new tier

If you shop with Christies Direct you’ll be aware of Paw Points and Pawsh Perks. Our Pawsh Perks loyalty scheme rewards just that, your loyalty. The more you shop the better the perks you receive.  If you’ve started 2021 as a Pack Member why not aim to earn enough points this year to reach Pampered Pooch status for 2022? As a Pampered Pooch one of your perks would be receiving a 5% discount on all your orders – who doesn’t love a saving! Maybe you want to aim to join the grooming elite as a Top Dog. Our Top Dog’s receive a 10% discount on all orders, a free gift every month they shop with us, plus loads more. Click Here for more information on Pawsh Perks and Paw Points.

Pawsh Perks Tiers


Establish a Plan to promote your business in 2021

I’m sure that more often than not, the task of promoting your salon slips to the bottom of the pile, crowded out by urgent tasks and daily grooming.  But if you want to attract new customers and grow your business you should make this a priority in 2021.  Ensure you have a presence on social media, share the list of the services you offer, encourage your customers to leave you reviews, and share any awards or achievements you receive. If you are snapping pictures of all your gorgeous canine customers all day, make sure you set aside some dedicated time to share the before and after pictures so people can see the quality of your work.  Social media is a great place to engage with your customers, share special offers, promote any retail products you sell, and ensure your business is a top search when people are looking for dog groomers in their area. During lockdown, we have really enjoyed seeing our customers stepping outside their comfort zone and sharing at-home grooming tips on social media so that they didn’t have to deal with severely matted coats when they reopened.

Groom Professional 2021 Appointment Book

Plan Ahead

Make sure you’re placing your orders to arrive in time so you aren’t left short, keeping overstock of your more frequently used products so you don’t run out, and ensuring you purchase any seasonal products well ahead of time – all these things will help you run a more organised business. Don’t forget equipment maintenance, dedicate some time to ensure that all equipment is in good working order, clean, and ready for use.

Grooming Products

Join a local small business or professional groomer group.

There's nothing like talking to other groomers to spark new ideas, get product suggestions, and make useful contacts. You can find lots of useful forums and groups online, but there may also be groups in your area as well. Whether it's a group targeted at sharing technical grooming knowledge or product recommendations or something more focused on business advice for small businesses regardless of the industry, making the effort to be part of these groups can help revitalise your business and ensure you are a step ahead of the competition.    

Give Something back

A great way to improve your customer loyalty is to form real connections with them, and supporting charities or causes close to their hearts and yours will not only give you a feel-good factor but give you something to shout about and show your business in a great light.  Your customers are bound to be animal lovers like you, why not plan to raise some money or donate some time to a local animal charity? Give your customers the chance to sponsor you or donate as well, so they can be part of the efforts. 

Don’t forget about “Me Time”

“All work and no play” is a recipe for both mental and physical breakdown. If you have trouble taking time for yourself why not schedule it into your week, get it noted in your Groom Professional Appointment Planner, and stick to it.  If you are burnt out and run down your work will suffer, so relaxation is important in ensuring you are fit and healthy, and ready to groom. 


Drop What's Not Working

Have you introduced a retail product or service in 2020 that just didn’t take off? Get some customer feedback, find out what services or products would be useful for them and if something isn’t working, drop it, and move on.  Getting customer feedback will ensure you are providing what the customer wants.  If you currently don’t offer any retailing in your salon chat to our customer service team today about products perfect for upselling.

Dog Before and After Groom

Dog Before and After Groom

Dog Before and After Groom

Dog Before and After Groom

Try Something New

You made it through 2020, you adapted, you worked hard, followed guidelines, and you’ve arrived in 2021 ready for a new challenge. You may have taken time during lockdown to review your personal career goals and 2021 is the time to start working towards those.  Do you want to be a specialist in grooming certain breeds or coat types? Do you want to become a master groomer? Employ a new member of staff? Do you want to take an animal first aid course or start competing in grooming competitions? Whatever your goal may be, write it down and list the steps you need to follow to get there.  Sometimes having these things written on paper can help you visualise not only achieving them but also the journey it will take to get there. This journey might bring you other benefits such as meeting new and interesting people, who may become customers, colleagues, or friends.


If you are inspired to try something different this year, why not consider applying to be Christies Direct Brand Ambassador 2021? The new Brand Ambassador will follow in the footsteps of respected groomers Michael Shiels and Emily Myatt, and work alongside us to help with educational content, promote Groom Professional, and reach new audiences. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow your profile in the grooming industry.  Click for more information. 

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