Blog - Going Out with a Bang!

Blog - Going Out with a Bang!
Blog - Going Out with a Bang!


The dust has settled on Black Friday and normality has resumed, or as normal as life can be in the run-up to Christmas!

And with Christmas in mind, our December Special Offers have landed.  

We have festive colognes and shampoos to get your customers in the festive spirit and our intensive groomers hand cream to pamper your precious pinkies after a busy year as well as great savings on our Groom Professional Shampoos to get you stocked up ahead of 2020. 

Read on to find out about all our offers.


If you have been flat out in the run-up to Christmas and your scissors have seen better days, now is the time to treat yourself to a sleek and shiny new pair.  

There isn't a better way to set yourself up for a smooth start to 2020!

✂️ The Level 2 Groom Professional Sirius range is out of this world! With its galaxy style finish, this range is named after the brightest star in the sky, which is also known as the ‘dog star’.
Made from a smooth 440 steel, they feature an adjustable tension screw enabling you to adjust your scissor to find a comfortable cut position.  They also have a special coating to add durability, lengthening the life span of your scissors.  They are a lightweight scissor, with excellent value for money and are perfect for everyday professional use. 

✂️ The Groom Professional Midas range is named after the Greek Mythological King Midas, who is said to have had the golden touch, turning everything he encountered to gold. And while you thankfully won't turn your dog to gold, you will leave him with a first-class cut!

Made from Japanese steel, with a rose gold finish they have convex edge blades which are seriously sharp!  These level 3 scissors are perfect for professional groomers who take their scissoring seriously!

✂️ An excellent alternative to the Midas range is the Geib Black Pearl scissor range. Made from a high-performance Japanese cobalt alloy metal, this level 3 scissor range is finished with a titanium black coat, features an ergonomic handle and easy to adjust tension screws.  A perfect addition to your collection!


? The solution to your dilution.  

If you are on the lookout for an investment piece that’s going to revolutionise your washing process you are in luck!  

The EcoMix Bathing System will increase your productivity by speeding up the washing process, remove the diluting guesswork and reduce product wastage with its specific dilution settings - making your shampoos and conditioners last longer!

And for the month of December, the Ecomix comes with almost £80 worth of FREE Groom Professional Shampoo!  

You will receive four 4L bottles of Shampoo including Baby Fresh, Bright White, Dirty Dog and Almond Detangle Shampoo from the Groom Professional range. 

Find out more about the Ecomix on our YouTube channel.


Do you have your favourite festive scents but have been dying to try a new one? This is your chance!

All out Festive Colognes are now on a 3 for 2 offer.  

Our Multimedia Executive, Tori, uses the Mulled Orange range on her dog Charlie and this is what she had to say about it:

“I LOVE when the build-up to Christmas starts so I can bring out my favourite groom professional festive scent- mulled orange! It's cinnamon, warm scent is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit and Charlie loves it too! Not only does the shampoo leave Charlie's curly coat soft and easy to manage it deep cleanses, meaning the muck from the fields is gone so easy and the cologne to match means the scent lasts ages!"

The range includes:


They may be festive in scent, but these shampoos are perfect for use throughout the winter season.  

Who doesn't love a winter walk on a crisp, cold Saturday morning and the comforting feeling of a warm mulled orange to thaw out afterwards! 

With 10% off across the range of seasonal shampoos now is the time to try them out and if you want, it’s also the perfect time to stock up for next Christmas.  If you keep any unopened shampoos out of direct sunlight they will be good for up to 18 months!




Your hands are your living! They are the one tool you use that you cannot put a price tag on, they cannot be replaced when they are worn out and you can't buy an alternative! 

With never-ending washing and drying your hands will suffer, and that’s where our Groomer Care enriched Hand Therapy comes in!

It is an advanced and easily absorbed hand cream that delivers highly moisturising and balancing properties to extremely dry and chapped skin and was developed especially to help combat the skin drying effects of shampoo, bathing, cold/hot air and other grooming and pet activities which aggravate the skin. 

This Savour cream contains Marula Oil, Argan Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter to provide the ultimate, rich hand cream to help restore the skin. 

Don't just take our word for it:



We all know accidents can happen, no matter how experienced you are, especially when working with animals!  This little pot of Styptic Powder is the perfect thing to have in your cupboard ‘just incase’.  

If you are clipping a dog's nails and cut too close to the quick it will bleed, causing pain for the dog.

Styptic Powder is natural, organic and non-staining. If you add the smallest pinch to directly to the source of the bleed it will harden the blood instantly and reduce the pain.

For ease of use, you might want to consider the Trimmex Holder which makes sure you use exactly the right amount of product and reduces wastage.


This month there really is something for everyone in our monthly offers - so what are you waiting for??

Happy Shopping!


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