Doodle Dos and Donts

Doodle Dos and Donts
Doodle Dos and Donts

Doodle Dos and Donts


There has been a massive increase in doodle ownership since the first labradoodle in 1989.  And it’s obvious why - they are playful and full of fun, but also obedient and intelligent.  For groomers, however, they can be challenging in the salon as rarely are two doodle coats identical. 

This month we are delighted to release our NEW Groom Professional Coconut and Chocolate range. These indulgent scents and nourishing products will leave coats fully nourished from start to finish.  The Coconut Shampoo in this range is a rich conditioning shampoo with organic coconut which will nourish the skin and coat and leave behind a soft and shiny coat.  

This particular shampoo is fantastic for doodle breeds PLUS it has a delicious tropical coconut scent. Generally, doodles are wool coated, but varieties exist within that from scruffy to fluffy.  All doodle breeds benefit from daily brushing and visits to a groomer to avoid severe matting but using the rich nourishing Coconut shampoo in your salon will ensure you are left with a clean and manageable coat to groom. We recommend starting with Groom Professional Coconut shampoo, followed by the moisturising and Chocolate and Coconut conditioner (an irresistible fragrance combo) to help with unruly coats. Then finish with tropical Coconut cologne .

Doodle Grooming Products

If you want some tips on grooming doodles in your salon, here are our top doodle grooming dos and don’ts

Doodle Dos

  • DO Brush – Brushing all over is a must, but make sure you check areas of high friction such as ears, tail, throat, and armpits, as these areas can mat more quickly.
  • DO Encourage regular appointments - Coats longer than an inch need groomed every 4-6  weeks, with daily brushing and checked with a comb.  Coats under 1 inch can be groomed every 6-8 weeks with regular brushing. Remind customers that missing an appointment can result in mats and tangles that can’t be removed, and this may mean the dog has to be shaved
  • DO Educate your customers.  Some people think doodles do not need to be groomed, that they are low maintenance, that they are all hypoallergenic, and they do not shed. This is not true. To help your customers avoid collecting a dog that has been shaved down encourage them to learn as much as they can about caring for a doodle and make sure they brush and comb their dog’s coat daily.
  • DO Encourage Grooming from a young age - Introducing grooming early in a dog’s life will ensure that the dog feels less anxious on the grooming table. As doodles need to be groomed regularly, making sure the grooming process is enjoyed will make your job much easier.
  • DO Select the right toolsUsing a good amplifying slicker and a wide-spaced pinned comb will ensure a gorgeous perfectly fluffed finish to your groom.  These tools are perfect to get into thick curly doodle coats.

Doodle Don’ts

  • DON’T Forget their ears - Doodles' ears must be kept clear of hair so as not to hold moisture that causes ear infections. Excess hair can be plucked from the ear canal and ear wipes can help keep the area clean.   
  • DON’T towel dry or leave the coat to dry naturally as this can result in matting – ensure the coat is thoroughly dried and combed after bathing. 
  • DON’T Over bathe   - Over bathing will strip the doodle’s coat of natural oils and can leave hair and skin dry.  Make sure that your customers aren’t overbathing their doodles between appointments, so their coats maintain shape and bounce.
  • DON’T Neglect the nails - Long nails can turn a good foot into a splayed foot which can cause injured tendons.  A splayed foot doesn’t support weight well and this can cause long term problems for the dog. Nails get worn down with friction when dogs are out walking but during the winter you will tend to find this happens less.
  • DON’T Forget Conditioner  - Conditioner can help loosen and ease knots and tangles in the coat.  Choose a moisturising conditioner, something lightweight but nourishing to ensure it doesn’t weigh down the coat but leaves it manageable after bathing.

Doodle grooming products


You can support your customers by offering items to help them look after their doodles at home.  With your expert recommendation, these will be easy to retail, and you can benefit from multi buy offers on a selection of products perfect for doodle coats. 

Groom Profesional Shampoo, Conditioner, and Cologne

Wondercoat  will instantly condition the coat, help detangle any mats plus it has a gorgeous fresh scent. It’s not only great to use in the salon, but also a great retail item. 

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