Why all dog groomers should use Groom Professional Fresh

Groom Professional Fresh Range
Why all dog groomers should use Groom Professional Fresh

groom professional fresh

As a leading brand in the dog grooming market, we at Groom Professional know the importance of innovation. In 2020, Groom Professional noticed a permanent trend in the beauty industry towards more natural products, especially those free from SLS and parabens and this was something we wanted to explore. This research led to the creation of the Groom Professional Fresh range. This range is a more natural approach to grooming. With the same great quality as the original Groom Professional range, Fresh sees products inspired by nature with SLS free and natural fragrances infused into the formulations. The unique and fresh scents in this range were designed to transport you to somewhere far away. With the range expanding in 2022, the future looks bright for this brand, and we can’t wait to reveal what we have in store for you next!

Success to date…

The first release of Groom Professional Fresh products included the launch of six different nature-inspired dog shampoos with a dilution rate of 24:1. Each shampoo comes with its own range of unique benefits and the delicious scents include Dragon Fruit , Sea Zest , White Flower & Ginger , Cedar Mist , Blueberry Bloom and Peppermint purify . This range has become a favourite for a lot of groomers.

What’s next?

With the success of the first release of Groom Professional Fresh products, we soon started working on the development of more products to add to the range. So, in 2022, five fantastic new products have been added to the range.

Oatmeal Remedy Shampoo

Although we had already developed six incredible shampoos, there wasn’t one designed specifically to suit dogs with dry or sensitive skin. Oatmeal Remedy is a hypoallergenic, natural shampoo that deep cleanses without stripping away the natural oils from the coat. This special formulation is made up of Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe Vera (known for its natural soothing properties) and Provitamin B5. This shampoo is fragrance-free so will not irritate the skin!

oatmeal remedy shampoo

Aloe & Avocado Drywash

This product was designed for dogs who are in need of a quick refresh but don’t have the time for a bath. The Aloe & Avocado Drywash will clean, condition, and soften the coat. This is extra gentle but effective and its conditioning agents will aid in the removal of knots and tangles in the coat. Enjoy the fresh and long-lasting fragrance of Soft Linen.

aloe & avocado drywash

Ear Cleaner

This is a water-based ear cleaner which is used to remove wax build-up, dirt, and unwanted odours. Of course, this product is made up of naturally derived ingredients including botanical extracts, eucalyptus oil and plant-based surfactants. This product will also add moisture and soothe dry and itchy skin.

ear cleaner

No More Tears

Tear stains are a common problem in dogs, so we decided to create a product to aid in the removal process, making your job a whole lot easier! No More Tears is a mild solution which can be used to gently remove tear and saliva stains. The formula penetrates deep into the hair follicle to tackle any debris, discharge, or dirt. The great thing about this product is, it is ready-to-use and doesn’t contain any Optical Brighteners or Bleaching Agents. This product has a fresh, allergen-free Flower Blast fragrance.

no more tears

This is a perfect quick fix for those dogs that hate getting their teeth cleaned. Groom Professional Fresh Breath Foam is easy to apply and was designed to target those hard-to-read areas. This will help to keep teeth and gums healthy by reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar with 99% natural ingredients, leaving a mild minty scent.

fresh breath foam

We hope you are as excited to try these products as we are to finally be able to tell you about them! This is only the beginning for this range, and we can’t wait to see what products are developed in the near future.

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