Dog Grooming Shampoo Guide

Dog Grooming Shampoo Guide

Dog Shampoo Guide

Dog Shampoo Guide

There are a lot of professional dog grooming shampoos on the market and it can be overwhelming when choosing options for your salon.  It is important to have a selection of different targeted shampoos to cater for the variety of coat types and coat issues you see from day to day. At Christies Direct we offer a wide range of professional shampoos so you will have the right product for every groom.

For your salon, we recommend having these different shampoo types.

Shampoo for all coat types

Shampoo for All Coat Types – It is important to have some general all-purpose shampoos as these will be used every day. They will get the dog’s coat clean without stripping and are super cost-effective as they can be used on all coat types. Our NEW Groom Professional Chocolate Shampoo contains organic cocoa and vanilla extract will not only leave a sweet and luxurious scent, but it will also gently cleanse and leave behind a soft and shiny coat. We also have a range of fruit-scented shampoos with effective but gentle cleaning power and our popular Groom Professional Baby Fresh Shampoo with the familiar Baby Powder scent.

Shampoo for puppies and sensitive skin

Shampoo suitable for Puppies and Sensitive Skin – It is important to get puppies in a regular grooming routine as soon as they've had their vaccinations, around 12 weeks,  and a puppy shampoo should be gentle, fragrance-free, but still a great cleaner.  This can also be used on dogs with sensitive skin as the ingredients will not strip the coat or any essential oils.   

Shampoo for itchy skin

Shampoo for Itchy Skin - Look for shampoos containing soothing, healing, and hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera, oatmeal, tea tree, and evening primrose oil.  Tea tree acts as an antiseptic and can help with scalp irritations and aloe vera is fantastically soothing and hydrating, perfect for dry flaking scalps.  Shampoos that contain colloidal oatmeal act as a mild exfoliant and remove dead skin and help with itching. Oatmeal shampoos are great for dry skin, dandruff, and hot spots. 

medicated shampoos

Medicated shampoos – If you are regularly grooming a dog you may be the first to notice a change in their skin or coat such as redness, bumps, sores, dry flaking skin, itching, or skin thickening. There are some medicated shampoos available without prescription which can help treat the condition but also prevent reinfection. 

Flea and Tick Shampoos

Flea and Tick Shampoos - Make sure to include some anti-flea and tick products in your salon – it will already be too late to order it when you need it!  Groom Professional’s Bye Bye Buzz range is suitable for all coat types and contains concentrated neem oil, which is not only anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and great for skin irritations, but it is also a natural remedy to repel and remove ticks and fleas. This deep cleansing shampoo also contains coconut oil to nourish skin and coat.

Shampoo for dry coats

Shampoo for Dry coats that need some added shine –Sometimes a dog’s coat can get dry, dull, and lack a bit of lustre.  Our NEW Groom Professional Coconut shampoo is a rich conditioning shampoo with organic coconut which will nourish the skin and coat and leave behind a soft and shiny coat and a delicious tropical coconut scent.  This particular shampoo is fantastic for doodle breeds whose coats can be hard to maintain and as no two doodle breeds have identical coats, they can be a challenge to groom.  Generally, doodles are wool coated, but varieties exist within that from scruffy to fluffy.  All doodle breeds benefit from daily brushing and visits to a groomer to avoid severe matting, and the rich nourishing properties of the Coconut Shampoo will ensure you are left with a clean and manageable coat to groom.

Colour enhancing shampoos

Colour Enhancing Shampoos – These shampoos work by enhancing the natural colour of a dog’s coat while removing stains and odours.   Whitening shampoos are great for Bichons, Westies, and Poodles. Shampoos for dark coats work to deepen and enrich black and dark colours, without the use of dye or harmful chemicals.  The DeZynaDog Apricot Shampoo is specially formulated for blondes, apricots, reds, and browns of all shades.  It is renowned for giving a fabulous glow and will enhance colour and shine.

Deep Cleaning and Deodorising Shampoos

Deodorising and deep cleaning – For those extra mucky customers or working dogs a deep cleaning shampoo is a good investment.  These shampoos will cut through grease, remove stains, dirt, and odours leaving a rejuvenated and fresh smelling coat. For particularly pongy pooches or those that have rolled in fox poop, a deodorising shampoo will contain strong odour neutralising ingredients to break down pungent scents rather than masking them.

Shed Control Shampoos

Shedding Shampoos - Designed to reduce shedding by loosening hair and undercoat during grooming. For best results, use in conjunction with de-shedding tool, such as a Groom Professional Shed Stopper.

Detangling shampoos

Detangling Shampoo – Detangling shampoos are fantastic for curly coat breeds and dogs with longer coats.  The shampoo helps knots and tangles slip out of the coat during bathing, which will leave a more manageable coat when the dog reaches the grooming table – they make brushing a breeze.

Top Tips

  • It is important to keep back-up of your most used shampoos.
  • If you change brand of shampoo or use something new, keep an eye for adverse reactions.
  • Be aware of dilution ratios and invest in a mixing bottle or Groom Professional Ecomix to make sure you are getting the most out of each bottle of shampoo.


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