The Best Dog Shampoo for White/Light-Coloured Coats 

The Best Dog Shampoo for White/Light-Coloured Coats 
The Best Dog Shampoo for White/Light-Coloured Coats 

 best dog shampoo white light coats


It’s not just different coat lengths that dogs have. They also have a wide range of different coat colours, ranging from the darkest shade of black to the lightest shade of white. The colour of your dog’s coat is determined by their genes. However, in addition to genes, the colour of your canine’s coat may also depend on their purpose in life. For example, herding dogs are principally bred to be white in order to blend in with sheep flocks.  


There are a variety of common light coat colours, including: 


 white dogs

White. These dogs are usually solid white color all the way down to the roots. Some breeds which are usually pure white include Great Pyrenees and west Highland Terriers.  


fawn dogs

Fawn. Fawn refers to pinkish or buff colours. They are very light, warm shades that are found in many breeds including Shar-peis. 


 cream dogs

Cream. Cooler than fawn, but a warm beige that is a dilute of red, cream coats can be found in many breeds including Labradors, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas.  


 piebald dogs

Piebald. Dogs with this coat are mostly white with patches of colour, usually on the extremities.  


Unsurprisingly, light coat breeds require a little extra time and attention to help maintain their colour. This means that owners may want to consider bathing their furry friend with a specialist dog shampoo.  


How shampoos for white/light-coloured coats work 

When you have a dog with a white coat, regular bathing and brushing is essential to keep their coat looking clean and in good condition. Specialist dog shampoos for white coloured coats have stain-removing formulas which are designed to improve the colour and vibrancy of your dog’s coat. They do this as they contain special ingredients that lift stains and remove discoloration, while also cleaning your pet’s coat and skin and eliminating any odours. They also enhance the white tones, making your waggy-tailed friend look brighter and whiter than before.  


All doggy shampoos are also specially formulated for canine skin. This is crucially important since your dog’s skin pH is very different to your own. It can be tempting to use human shampoo if your dog needs an emergency bath and you don’t have any dog shampoo, but this could strip your dog’s skin of its protective barrier and put them at risk of irritation, dryness and other problems. For this reason, we always recommend that you always use a dog rather than human shampoo.  


Always follow the instructions included with the dog shampoo for white/light coloured coats that you choose. This includes how much you should dilute it before applying it to your dog’s coat.   


How to choose the best dog shampoo for white/light-coloured coats 

With such a wide range of different dog shampoos on the market, selecting the best one for your dog can feel a little overwhelming. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of dog shampoo at home in case your dog rolls in something that they shouldn’t and requires an urgent bath! 


If you send your furbaby to a professional groomer, you can always ask them which variety of shampoo they use for your dog. Any good groomer will have a selection of different shampoos to suit different coats, including one for white/light-coloured canines. Your vet may also be able to give you some advice.  


At Christie’s Direct, we stock a wide range of dog shampoos including a number that are formulated specifically for white/light-coloured dogs. Feel free to browse our extensive range here or get in touch with any questions that you have.  

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