Christie's Creepy Catwalk!

Christie's Creepy Catwalk!
Christie's Creepy Catwalk!

Creepy Catwalk


Everyone at Christie's Direct Loves a bit of halloween fun, especially our four legged employees! Thats right, in the spirit of some Halloween fun we have put together some of the most frightful, spooky, but always cute, Christie's dogs dressed up ready to go Trick or Treating.


Frank the Pug

Frank may have wings straight out of The Wizard of Oz, but his large Pug eyes definitely make sure there's no place like home!




Sheba might look a little bit grumpy but this simple costume is definitely a purrrfect choice!




Halloween isn't about dressing up as a spooky monster for everyone, some of us like Tia just love to let out our inner princess!



Poppy and Otto

We've been informed that the dragon and sheep costumes match the contrasting personalties of this pair. Be warned however, the cuddly sheep is the more likely to take a finger should you dangle a piece of food too close!




Spot loves being dressed like a pumpkin because much like a pumpkin, spot usually enjoys just sitting there and looking nice.




Beryl likes to keep things sophisticated for Halloween, I'm sure we can all agree that its a look that suits them for sure!




Like some dogs, Rosie didn't feel like dressing up. We absolutely love her Halloween decorating however and she looks very proud of it too!


If this has inspired you ahead of this years Halloween then join in on the fun and be sure to tag us if you share photos! Of course it should be remembered that no pet should be made to dress up if it causes distress or discomfort. If you want more tips for keeping your hound happy this Halloween then check out our blog here with all the tips for you and your loyal companion to have a great time!

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