My Life As A Mobile Dog Groomer

My Life As A Mobile Dog Groomer
My Life As A Mobile Dog Groomer

My life as a mobile dog groomer

My Life As A Mobile Dog Groomer


Are you considering a career in mobile dog grooming? Maybe you’ve gotten tired of the salon and want a new adventure? Wendy Hesketh-Dewar of Furbabies Grooming has been a mobile dog groomer for 6 years. She told us about her life as a mobile dog groomer so that you can decide whether mobile dog grooming is right for you!


Things I love

Things I love in the mobile pet grooming industry!


You have flexibility and freedom.

One of the best things about being a mobile dog groomer is the flexibility. Being mobile allows you to schedule your work around your home life and your hours aren’t as rigid. You get complete freedom to choose what areas you want to cover and what days you want to work, compared to a salon, where the hours and days off are more set, unless you have staff to cover you.

Every day is different. You can be in a new location each day; the volume of dogs is different, and the hours of work are different! There are some days where you can be home by mid-afternoon and on other days you will be working till the late evening, especially around Christmas. Whether mobile or salon based, every pet groomer faces that Christmas rush!


You can make more profit

As a mobile dog groomer, you can charge more because you are providing a service with convenience as you are travelling to them, which allows the owner to get on with whatever they need to do whilst you are grooming their pet.

To add, overheads are much less for mobile pet grooming services. You don’t have to pay business rates or leasing/rental costs. Once you’ve paid for your van, your only overheads are stock, PPI, van insurance, road tax, normal tax and of course fuel, which adds up to less than renting a salon would be. On estimation, you have the potential to make 80% gross profit!


Things to consider


Things to consider in the mobile pet service industry


You work alone

Being a mobile dog groomer, you work alone. This job is really suited to those who thrive in their own space and enjoy their own company (and the dogs!). If you prefer working in a team, this could be something to consider. Because you work in a singular environment, you see a higher proportion of nervous and anxious dogs that are not suited to a salon environment. A lot of mobile dog groomers have a knack when it comes to these animals, so if you find that you work well with these animals, then mobile dog grooming is suited to your gifts!


Earn during your downtime

One of the biggest things about being a mobile dog groomer is learning not to just charge for your grooms. You need to not only be earning while you groom, but also while you drive. Of course, take the costs of driving into consideration for each groom, but also make sure you are earning a wage while you drive. Doing cost management like this means you get more profit with less hassle. You can also be smart with your equipment, for example, eliminating fuel costs through buying an electric van.


Groom, maintain, repeat

Preventative maintenance on your equipment and van is key, because if your van stops working, you can’t earn. Get regular maintenance check-ups for your van and ensure you block out time after your final groom to refuel or recharge your van. Also, maintaining your grooming equipment is key, as due to the limited space in your van, you will not have room for lots of back-ups. Most of your large equipment will be installed in your van, so replacing these come at a cost. Therefore, keep your blasters dust free, make sure your baths are dried down to prevent rust and oil and clean your scissors and clippers daily to ensure you are making the most out of your equipment and your space. 


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