It's Tick Season: Protect Your Furry Friends

It's Tick Season: Protect Your Furry Friends
It's Tick Season: Protect Your Furry Friends

Tick Season: It's the season of the ticks

As the weather warms up, it’s essential to be vigilant about ticks, which can cause serious health issues for our canine companions. Ticks thrive in warm, humid environments, making spring and summer prime times for infestations. These tiny parasites can transmit diseases like Lyme disease, so early detection and prevention are crucial.

Signs Your Dog Might Have Ticks:

Excessive scratching or licking
Red or irritated skin
Small bumps or ticks visible on the skin

Tips for Tick Prevention:

  1. Regular Grooming: Regular grooming helps detect ticks early. Pay special attention to areas like the neck, ears, and under the legs.
  2. Tick Checks: After outdoor activities, thoroughly check your dog for ticks.
  3. Use Preventative Products: Invest in quality tick-preventative products to protect your pet.
  4. If in doubt, stick to footpaths and avoid long grass. 
  5. Wear long sleeved tops where possible 


Recommended Products
Christies Direct offers an extensive range of products specifically designed to tackle ticks. Here are some top picks:

Wildwash Pro Anti Flea Shampoo: This shampoo not only repels fleas but also helps in keeping ticks at bay.
Groomers Ridasect 5 Flea Shampoo: Effective against both fleas and ticks, this shampoo is perfect for regular use.
Vivog Parasiticide Shampoo: A professional-grade product that provides long-lasting protection against ticks.
Tropiclean Natural Flea And Tick Flea Bite Relief Afterbath Treatment: Soothes and protects your dog's skin post-bath.
Groom Professional Tick Remover: A handy tool to safely remove ticks from your pet's skin. Seek professional vetinary advice if in doubt

By incorporating these products into your grooming routine, you can ensure your furry friend enjoys a tick-free season. Stay proactive, and keep your pet safe and healthy all summer long.

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Final Thoughts
Ticks are more than just a nuisance; they pose a serious health risk. Regular grooming and the use of effective tick-prevention products are your best defense. Enjoy a tick-free summer with your pet by staying informed and prepared.

Stay safe and happy grooming!