It's Dogust!

It's Dogust!
It's Dogust!

Happy Dogust

Happy Dogust everyone! In this blog, we will be talking through all things rescue. From the details of Dogust, to our chosen charity, to the furry rescues of Christies Direct!


What is Dogust?


If you don’t know what Dogust is, it’s the unofficial birthday for all sheltered dogs whose birthdays are unknown. It is a month where we get to celebrate our rescued furry friends and all the joy they bring to our lives. It’s been a holiday since 2008, when staff at the North Shore Animal League America of New York set out to ensure that even dogs without official birthdays still get their own special day. 


We always take Dogust as the opportunity to celebrate all dogs, but especially those who have been rescued. Providing a month and space to celebrate these dogs means that we can recognise the importance of rehoming and we can recognise all of the hard work that goes into sheltering dogs. 

Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary


Our chosen charity for 2021, Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary, is a great example of going above and beyond just sheltering these dogs. They are a not-for-profit, independent registered charity that has been running since 1996. They have three key areas that they focus on, animal rehoming, education and relieving the suffering of unwanted animals. The charity operates a no-kill policy, and in 2020, they found forever homes for 238 dogs and 312 cats. 



The charity does home checks for every animal, to ensure that each animal has a lower chance of being returned. All of their animals are fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped prior to rehoming. They also put measures in place to ensure that any animal can be returned to the safe haven of the sanctuary if they encounter any difficulties in their new home. Furthermore, they also offer all new adopters the chance to talk the sanctuary’s behaviourist, Robin Bates, if they have any questions or concerns about their animals, ensuring that each animal is given the best opportunity to adapt to a home-life. 


They even offer extra training for puppies. They offer socialisation programmes at the sanctuary and give the puppies “first-experiences”, such as going in a car or walking on the grass to give them the best start to life.


Life in the Sanctuary

The sanctuary aims to do more than just give a safe space to each dog. They offer many enrichment activities to ensure the dogs stay active and engaged during their time in the kennels. These include scent trails, a series of activities where the dogs use their nose to find the hidden treats. They also have a Dogs Day Out Programme that allows their long-term dogs to go on adventures to dog parks, in order to meet new friends and have a break from their usual days in the kennel. Finally, they have a room to relax, which helps to relieve the stresses of kennel life. In the room there is a sofa, coffee tables, a rug. and music. This is to get them used to an indoor environment as well as giving them a break from being outside.


Community Outreach

The sanctuary also has two partnerships with Women’s Aid and The Welcome Organisation, offering shelter, food and help to any animals that have been impacted by their owner's struggles. They also engage alongside other stakeholders to work towards a better future for animal welfare.


The more you give the more they get!

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Meet the rescues!

Our wonderful team at Christies are as passionate about rehoming as they are about animals in general. Check out our rescue’s profiles!


Owner: Karen (Sales and Customer Care)

Age: 11

Rescued from: This little guy was found tied to a shed door!

Favourite thing: Bringing in the cows as he’s a working farm dog.


Owner: Daniel (Ecommerce)

Age: 4

Rescued from: Benvardin Animal Rescue

Favourite thing: Her toy pig that oinks when she squeezes it.

Owner: Jonathan (Ecommerce)

Age: A year and a half

Rescued from: Dogs Trust Ballymena

Favourite thing: Going to the beach and chasing the birds.


Owner: Jenny (Marketing)

Age: 10

Rescued from: Crosskeenan Lane Animal Sanctuary

Favourite thing: Bossing her sisters (Daisy and Sheba) around.


Owner: Jenny (Marketing)

Age: 8

Rescued from: Crosskeenan Lane Animal Sanctuary

Favourite thing: Being the centre of attention.


Owner: Jenny (Marketing)

Age: 8

Rescued from: Crosskeenan Lane Animal Sanctuary

Favourite thing: Barking at the waves at the beach.


Owner: Amber (Sales and Customer Care)

Age: 8

Rescued from: Rainbow Rehoming Shelter

Favourite thing: A sneaky lick of ice cream.


Dog names


Happy Birthday to all the rescues






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