5 reasons why you should be our next brand ambassador

5 reasons why you should be our next brand ambassador

5 reasons you should be our next brand ambassador


Our brand ambassador programme has re-opened and this time, it’s open year-round! Whether you’re a whizz with words, a natural in front of the camera or love giving your opinion on the latest products, there’s a brand ambassador option for everyone, but why should you sign up?


you get to share your passion with a large audience


1. You get to share your passion with a large audience


It’s no secret that groomers are a passionate bunch that love to show off their skill. One of the biggest benefits about becoming a brand ambassador for Christies Direct is the opportunity to share your knowledge and passion with groomers across the world. We want students who are embarking on their new career as well as seasoned pros who have years of experience to join to give any groomer the tools they need to succeed.

With over 56,000 followers and on average 64,000 views a month across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, you can reach a massive audience located across the globe.


The role is totally flexible with dog


2. The role is totally flexible


Becoming an ambassador for Christies Direct can be as big or as little as you want it to be, depending on your time schedule. Our new programme allows you to tailor your content based on your strengths. If you love writing the day away, becoming a blogger for us may be the next option for you. Similarly, if video is your forte, you can make waves on YouTube and TikTok. We also tailor the type of content you make based on your personality. If you’re a clean, cut, technical groomer, then your content will reflect this and if your funny personality is the star of the show then we won’t hesitate to highlight that.

The flexibility doesn’t just stop at the type of content you’re creating, but it includes the schedule as well. You have the option to create as much or as little content as you want, based on agreements set at the start of your ambassador journey with us. We get it, certain seasons of the year (*cough* *Christmas* *cough*) can be busy for groomers, so we work with you monthly to assess how much time you must create with us.


Dog grooming products with text "you get exclusive access to products"


3. You get exclusive access to new products


Whether you’re a product reviewer or content creator, products are on the cards for you. Our website product reviewers receive one product a month, with many of these being all new releases. This will allow you to get the scoop on the latest and greatest releases, without you having to spend a penny.

Our content creators also often do write or video reviews across all our channels and will receive products to do this. Whether it’s an entire new line of products or a simple conditioner to test a new grooming technique, you’ll have access to over 70+ brands to try.  


dog being groomed with text "you'll a part of a community


4. You’ll be a part of a community


When you become a brand ambassador with us, you join an exclusive group of groomers that include big names such as Kayla Harrison and Michael Shiels. Our brand ambassador programme allows you to network with these groomers, creating content together to help groomers everywhere.

On top of that, you are also able to help unite groomers within our audience. Our brand ambassador Anna said:


“I’ve been contacting new people from being an ambassador. Groomer’s text me saying ‘I seen your TikTok and it’s so relatable’. I’ve made a few more friends from it”.


The opportunity to show your life as a groomer through our platforms means that many groomers from around the world can relate to you and you’ll be left saying “I thought I was the only one!”. It’s the relatability factor that creates a grooming community and paired with expert recommendations, you may be getting a few more messages in your inboxes from groomers going through the same things as you.


world with text "you can attend shows around the world"


5. You can attend shows around the world


If you’re a globe-trotter, then this is made for you. We offer our ambassadors the chance to come to shows with us. Whether it’s selling on the stand, giving your expert product recommendations, or taking a seminar, there’s an opportunity for you to travel with this role.

We attend some of the biggest dog grooming shows in the world, including Crufts, with Kayla Harrison recently travelling to Las Vegas to represent Groom Professional. You get extra brownie points if you live locally to any of these shows, as we want groomers from that area giving their opinion on the latest dog grooming trends and products.


Register your interest to be our brand ambassador HERE.

Learn more about our brand ambassadors HERE.


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