Nootie Rejuvenating Rosemary Extract Shampoo

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Nootie Rejuvenating Rosemary Extract Shampoo

Nootie Rejuvenating Rosemary Extract Shampoo has been specially developed to promote healthy coat growth. The ideal option for puppies going through a coat change, show dogs or dogs recovering after an illness.

This shampoo is formulated with natural Rosemary Extracts to stimulate hair follicles to strengthen the hair and promote healthy coat growth. The Japanese Cherry Blossom scent is Nootie's longest-lasting scent which leaves the coat smelling beautiful and stirs up the senses.

Top Features:

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Scent
  • Stimulates the senses
  • Strengthens hair and hair follicles  
  • Promotes healthy coat growth
  • SLS, Soap and Paraben Free
  • 40 Years of experience manufacturing products for the veterinarian channel
  • Long-lasting, unique fragrances 
  • Dilutes 16:1 

Nootie began in the USA after Lonnie Schwimmer and his wife were tired of trying multiple shampoos that didn't smell wonderful and/or left their dogs to coat flaky and dry. They thought if you could make great smelling shampoo for humans, why not for dogs? So that's what they did. Developing a line of shampoo and spritz that offer long-lasting, beautiful scents that hold numerous benefits for your dog's coat and skin. The products needed to use naturally derived ingredients that will leave your pet with a soft shiny coat and help with a multitude of skin problems.

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