Groom Professional Blue Quartz Left Straight Scissor Range

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Groom Professional Blue Quartz 'Lefty' Scissor Range

The Groom Professional Blue Quartz Scissor range is top quality, being manufactured from 440c Japanese steel. The convex blade is honed razor-sharp to exacting specification and calibrated to perfection. These scissors are designed to ergonomically reduce strain and fatigue to the hand and wrist while delivering the most precise cut to the hair shaft. Both these scissors are left handed.

Level 1: Entry level scissors for students or start-up groomers
Level 2: Work-horse scissors for every day professional use
Level 3: Scissors for professionals who take scissoring seriously
Level 4: Elite Scissors made to extremely high standard
Level 5: Some of the very best Scissors in the World

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7" Straight 'Lefty' Scissor

  • Japanese 440c Steel
  • Smooth cutting action
  • Off-set handles
  • Adjustable screw
  • Amazing quality

Also available in 'Straight

Please note, these are Left Handed Straight Scissors. However, the Groom Professional Blue Quartz 'Lefty' Scissor also have Blender Scissors available to purchase.

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