Kenchii has been renowned for creating the finest and most innovative hair cutting tools in the world. They are passionate about the shears they produce, and they know it’s a passion shared by Kenchii customers.
Kenchii values attention to detail, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them as they believe that each customer deserves their personal attention.


The Kenchii love range
is made to their industry leading quality. Value standards are fully forged through their Japanese steel and rustproof satin finish.
Equipped with a non-slip micro-serrated edge, hand-honed semi-convex blades with offset handle.

Kenchii Love


Kenchii Rose Scissor Range
are made from proprietary level 2 Japanese molybdenum materials finished with rose gold titanium. These are semi- convex, micro serrated edge which is designed to reduce slippage and enhance cutting performance- giving you the perfect finish!


Kenchii Scorpion Range
are equipped with their superior Japanese alloy stainless steel for long-lasting, durable bevel edges. Specifically designed blades that cut easily through all coat types.
Making this the ideal, everyday grooming scissor for busy salons, students, or breeders.


Five Star Scissors
One of the most versatile scissors, making them the go-to’ tool for many groomers due to its reliable durability and cutting performance. With its Japanese alloy steel, adjustable tension screw and bevel edge makes it perfect for everyday grooming, finish work as well as reducing hand fatigue. Available in a left-handed range.

Kenchii Five Star


The Kenchii Pink Poodle Scissor
Range is truly a unique design with its pink titanium infused coating along with the poodle pattern. With its durable semi- convex edge, it cuts effortlessly through all types of coats. These scissors are perfect for everyday grooming and finish work Cut in style!


The Kenchii Lightning Scissor Range
is a truly stunning range with its Japanese steel for superb strength and durability. Equip with triple hand honed blades, offset handle with moulded finger rest that will reduce hand fatigue.


Kenchii Shinobi Scissor Range
have a uniquely designed blade with claw shaped cut outs on the blades to match the handles. It has extremely sharp, semi-convex blades cut efficiently through all types of coats. It includes a superior Japanese screw tension mechanism with Japanese ninja emblem for easy adjustment.


The Kenchii Kaizen Scissor Range
completely redefines grooming shears. It is one the most innovative models to date, this level 4 scissor has a blend of cobalt and vanadium base alloys with detailed handles illustrating poodles! It is equipped with a convex micro-serrated or true convex edge, offset handles and fixed finger rest. Perfect for those longer grooms.


Kenchii Fab Pants
were created for woman on the go- perfect for those who are on their feet all day. What’s even better, they’re great for travel too, as they help to compress your legs in all the right places to reduce swelling. So, no more swollen feet! Fab pants ensure you look good from all angles. Fashion, and comfort all in one!