The 10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers for 2022

The 10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers for 2022
The 10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers for 2022

The 10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers for 2022


 The Ultimate Grooming Clipper Countdown

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Whether you’re an experienced dog groomer or just starting out, a clipper is an essential piece of kit for any salon to reduce grooming time, improve finish or limit the chance of accidents and mistakes. Your new clipper must be right for you and combing through our extensive range can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t too sure what to look out for. To help, we’ve constructed a top ten list to highlight all our favourite clippers and who they’ll suit best!


Aesculap favorita 2

  1. Aesculap Favorita II Clipper 

Coming in at a hard-fought number 10 is the  by Aesculap. This heavy-duty clipper has been popular in the grooming industry for over 20 years and is well known for its reliability and performance thanks to its high-quality German craftsmanship.

Unlike most dog clippers, the Fav II comes with its own unique blades. Specially designed to last longer than those on most A5 clippers, these blades can be adjusted when you start to feel them under-performing, increasing their life and reducing the need for sharpening or replacements.

With a price of £329.95 the Fav II offers a powerful, low maintenance cut that stays cool even with continuous use, making it a great addition to any busy salon. This clipper plugs directly into your mains power source allowing you to clip non-stop through the day.

Strengths: Reliable, fast, and powerful

Who we recommend this clipper for: The busy, experienced groomer.

Cost: £329.95


wahl max 45 clipper

  1. Wahl Max 45 Clipper

Don’t be fooled by its compact size and great price, this little clipper from Wahl  can definitely pack a punch. The two available speed settings of 2400 & 3100spm mean this clipper can compete with some of the most powerful options available.

This handy little piece of salon equipment is also great for pet owners that want to have a grooming standard finish but aren’t doing enough clipping to justify one of the more expensive models. Just like most other clippers available, this model will accept any A5 snap on blade and can be used as a great back-up option in a busy salon.

Strengths: Great price, good speed options and very lightweight

Who we recommend this clipper for: Pet owners or those working on a budget.

Cost: £124.99 



  1. Heiniger Basic

One of the most popular brands available, Heiniger clippers are powerful, reliable, and lightweight making them a common sight in salons across the world. little clipper from Wahl  offers a path into the high-power cordless market but at a cost-effective and affordable price.

A great option for anyone looking for a reliable backup or for beginners looking for a more powerful, cordless clipper option that isn’t overly fast. The ergonomic design and weight of just 440g make this a comfortable clipper for long jobs.

Comes with one battery, a charger, a charging bay and no.10 blade.

Strengths: Powerful, entry-level cordless

Who we recommend this clipper for: Students or those looking for a powerful back-up.

Cost: £257.95


wahl km5


  1. Wahl KM5

This corded clipper  from Wahl offers high speeds and reliability at a great price. The stylish finish and vibrant colour would make this a great addition to any salon. Compatible with all A5 type Snap-On blades, the KM5 can be used as a very solid backup or a great beginner clipper.

The ultra-quiet motor (63dB) and light (330g), compact design also makes this clipper ideal for smaller, nervous pets who might be put off by some of the other high-power clippers available.

Strengths: Reliable, minimal vibration, quiet and comfortable

Who we recommend this clipper for: Students or groomers working with nervous pets.

Cost: £142.99


 wahl km cordless clipper

  1. Wahl KM Cordless 

Another fantastic clipper from Wahl, the KM  is a stylish, comfortable, and modern cordless clipper that can tackle just about any coat. The 2 available speed settings along with built-in speed control allow this clipper to cut through even the thickest fur and it can be used on anything from dogs to horses and even livestock.

The Wahl KM boasts an extremely quiet motor despite its power (68dB) and the 2-speed settings of 3000 & 3700spm make this one of the fastest clippers available, suitable for experienced groomers who want to glide through thick coats and get fast results whilst keeping pets calm and content.

This clipper kit comes complete with no.10 blade, charger, care kit and carry case.

Strengths: Fast and quiet with automatic speed control

Who we recommend this clipper for: Experienced groomers working with a variety of tough coats.

Cost: £280.00

 aesculap fav 5 clipper

  1. Aesculap Fav 5 

Just like its older sibling at number 10, the

 offers a top of the range clipper in terms of reliability and performance. Unlike the Favorita II, the Fav 5 uses conventional A5 Snap-On blades like the other clippers in this list which may come in useful if you are working with multiple clippers.

This more modern clipper from Aesculap also brings with it a modern style and whilst it doesn’t offer the high speeds of some other clippers (2300spm), it does give a very smooth cut and can clip all day if required.

At £324.95 this corded clipper is among the more expensive options available but comes with a focus on extreme reliability and top-quality German engineering, to provide a lasting and trustworthy piece of equipment for a busy salon.

Strengths: An updated version of a popular classic

Who we recommend this clipper for: Groomers that value reliability and performance.

Cost: £324.95


heiniger opal clipper

  1. Heiniger Opal

Another top cordless clipper from Heiniger, the Opal  comes with just about anything a professional groomer will need in a clipper. 2-speed settings (2600/3100spm), a 240-minute clipping time, 2 batteries, fast recharging and a lightweight (415g) and stylish design.

One of the highest quality clippers on the market, the Opal takes on the toughest jobs with ease and can cut for long periods without needing to be charged. The built-in battery level indicator makes it easy to track when you need to switch out for another battery or stick the clipper on to charge. The Opal also comes with a handy carry case, and a 1 battery option is available.

Strengths: Powerful, fast, and stylish

Who we recommend this clipper for: Groomers working in a busy salon.

Cost: £367.50


andis pulse zr ii clipper

  1.  Andis Pulse ZR II 

Taking the number 3 spot is the versatile Pulse ZR II  from Andis. This adaptable clipper comes with 5-speed options, adjustable from 1800 to 3800 making it both the slowest and fastest clipper we have available. This range of speeds make getting that perfect style even easier, no matter the coat type.

It doesn’t stop there either, the Pulse ZR II also comes complete with 2 batteries and a charging stand allowing you to clip continually whilst your spare battery is recharging. Available in black, purple or flora, this stylish clipper will clip with ease and look good doing it.

Strengths: The only 5-speed clipper on this list, versatile and very fast

Who we recommend this clipper for: Groomers looking for ultimate precision and styling.

Cost: £311.95


andis ultraedge

  1. Andis Ultraedge AGC 2-Speed Clipper 

At just £145.96 the Andis AGC 2-Speed  may seem like an underdog taking the 2nd place spot but this extremely popular clipper is well known for its reliability, power and sleek design. The 2-speed settings of 2300 & 3400spm are a welcome addition at such a low price and make this clipper perfect for any coat type or condition.

Available in a range of colours this little corded clipper is designed to suit anyone and is great for students just starting out. The brushless motor reduces maintenance and will see this clipper remain one of your favourites long after its first cut.

Strengths: Brilliant price, very popular and available in multiple colours

Who we recommend this clipper for: A must-have for students and beginners.

Cost: £145.96

Any clipper on this list may be the right clipper for you, with options for beginners, those on a budget, the busy long-time groomer or even those who just want something for their own pet at home. Whilst every clipper has its strengths, only one can take the top spot and after much debate and consideration, that number 1 spot goes to…


heiniger saphir

  1. Heiniger Pink Saphir Cordless

The latest in the range of Heiniger Saphirs  has become a firm favourite with many groomers and pet owners alike thanks to their power, reliability, and style. These clippers come with the option of the £205.96 corded version or the £299.50/£336.50 cordless version but can be converted into either option at any time should the need arise.

The corded clipper clocks in at 3200 dbs/min (Double strokes per minute) while the cordless offers a speed of 2650 making them some of the more powerful clippers available and a match for any coat type. The cordless option comes with 2 batteries which will allow for constant clipping and comes in a few different styles/colours so you can find the option that best suits you. Lightweight, quiet, and fun, both the corded and cordless versions of the Saphir offer performance that just seems to get everything right.

Strengths: Does just about everything right and offers a powerful cut whenever you need it.

Who we recommend this clipper for: Experienced groomers in a busy salon.

Cost: £205.96/£336.50


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