National Dog Week - The Ultimate Coat Care Guide

National Dog Week - The Ultimate Coat Care Guide
National Dog Week - The Ultimate Coat Care Guide

National Dog Week


To celebrate National Dog Week we have put together a fashionable guide to correct coat care combinations for all of your canine companions.With this guide in hand you will know exactly how to care for your dogs coat using our fine selection of professional grooming products. These products, carefully selected by our team of grooming experts, will allow you to keep your dogs coat in top condition no matter the type.



Wool and curly coat breeds

Despite being low shedding curly coat types require unique tailoring, as each type of curling pattern can vary between breeds from soft waves to tight curls. Tight curls are especially common with poodle mixes so extra care must be used when grooming, we recommend using a conditioning spray before brushing to avoid hair breakage and suggest a pin brush which will detangle the curls but keep the bounce.


Dogs with Curly Coats:


  • Bichon Frise
  • Curly-Coated Retriever
  • Poodle


Wool/ Curly Coat

  • IGroom volumizer shampoo
  • IGroom Magic Mist detangler
  • GP Amplifier Slickers

lon coated breeds

When you think of long fur types of dogs, you’ll often conjure up images of elegant Afghan hounds with their long flowing locks and whilst these are certainly show-stoppers, their coats do require a high level of discipline to avoid the dreaded tangles and matting


Breeds with Long Coats:


  • Pekingese
  • Maltese
  • Yorkshire Terrier


Long Coat

  • IGroom Argan & vitamin E moisturising
  • IGroom Charcoal and Keratin Conditioner
  • IGroom Magic Mist Boost Scissor Spray
  • Spectrum Combs

smooth coatsSmooth Coats

This coat type is best described as short and smooth with the hair lying close to the body, this coat is sleek and shiny with silk like feel to it.  While they don’t require daily brushing, we do recommend using a brush a few times a week, along with offering occasional baths to release excess hair from building up especially during seasonal changes when fur thickness may vary from breed to breed.


Breeds with Smooth Coats

  • Beagle
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Greyhound


Smooth Coat

  • IGroom Squeaky Clean
  • IGroom Gloss It Shine Spray
  • GP Curved Slicker


puppy coatsPuppy Coat

Puppies are born with a single coat of soft, fluffy fur that helps regulate their body temperature. This coat will then naturally give way to their thicker and stiffer adult coat around 4-to-6 months although this can vary from breed to breed. During this time of transition, we recommend the gentle Hypo range of shampoos and a ball pin slicker brush to get then used to being brushed.


Puppy Coat

  • IGroom Hypo Shampoo
  • GP Ball Pin Slicker

combination coatsCombination Coat

Breeds that have a combination coat have varying fur lengths from short to long, this fur may stand slightly off the body which could give a fluffier appearance and will typically require a moderate amount of brushing to prevent the fur from matting, we recommend using a bristle slicker brush every other day to help prevent any itchiness or discomfort and also distribute your dog’s natural oils through their coat for a shiny smooth finish. 


Combination Coat

  • IGroom deshedding and detangling shampoo
  • IGroom Deshedding and detangling conditioner
  • GP wondercoat
  • GP flat slicker

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