Maria Bjorn: The Price is right - How to price yourself properly

Maria Bjorn: The Price is right - How to price yourself properly
Maria Bjorn: The Price is right - How to price yourself properly

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Pricing is a very hot topic in the dog grooming world, with new social media posts popping up every single day. “What should I charge for X and Y?” and “How do I work out pricing?” are probable the most common ones out there.


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It’s different for every groomer

And unfortunately, there isn’t a clear-cut answer for this. All of us have different salon setups and with that comes different overheads. A large multi groomer high street salon and a home-based solo groomer salon are going to have wildly different expenses, so comparing the two in terms of pricing isn’t always going to work. Being located in different parts of the country also affects overheads.


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Look at your overheads


So, to make it easy for yourself, you must look at your overheads (including everything from rent to shampoo), what you want to take home every month (your own wages) and adding a little profit on top of that to cover any extra training, equipment maintenance and so on. You also must remember that with most groomers being self-employed, we have to put money aside for tax & national insurance and a rainy-day fund in case of any long-term illness/injury or even just going on holiday every once in a while!


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Talk to other groomers


Getting feedback from other groomers in your area can give you a good indication as to what to base your prices on, but you’ll always have to ensure that you’re making enough money for YOU. You will always have the odd customer telling you that you’re too expensive, but you have to stick to your guns and remember that you, as a skilled professional worker, are worth what you charge.


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Include add-ons


Many groomers offer add-ons to grooming services to boost their income. This could be something simple like a paw & nose balm or something a more high end like ultrasonic teeth cleaning or mud treatments. Selling shampoos, perfumes, brushes, and combs is also a fantastic and very low effort way of earning a bit of extra money. The sky is the limit with add-ons, and with clever pricing you’ll be on your way to earning a decent living out of grooming!


In summary, the price can only be right for YOU and your business. Dog grooming is a labour of love, but make sure you get paid properly for your labour!


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