DezynaDog: Six Decades of Excellence

DezynaDog: Six Decades of Excellence
DezynaDog: Six Decades of Excellence

Celebrating Over Six Decades of Excellence: DezynaDog’s Journey in the Dog Grooming Industry

Founded in 1957 by Trevor and Carole Flatt, DezynaDog has established itself as a stalwart in the professional dog grooming sector. Originating in the UK, DezynaDog not only pioneered the distribution of various top-brand grooming products but also developed its own signature line that resonates with quality and innovation.

The Evolution of DezynaDog Products

With their vast experience,Dezynadog created a diverse range of grooming tools and solutions under the brand. From high-quality brushes, combs, shampoos, and conditioners to essential salon accessories, clippers and scissors they cater to every need of a professional groomer. 

DezynaDog is renowned for crafting high-quality grooming products tailored to meet the needs of both professional groomers and dedicated pet owners. Here's a look at some of our top-selling items:

1. 1st Aid Shampoo
Part of the Magic Formula Range from DezynaDog, 1st Aid Shampoo is designed with dull and damaged coats in mind. The moisturising properties will transform coats, restoring them to their full glory and making a noticeable difference after just one wash!.

2. Light and Bright Shampoo
Specifically designed for white and light-colored coats, this shampoo helps brighten and enhance coat color while fighting yellow tones. Its gentle formulation ensures that it can be used frequently without damaging the coat or skin.

3. Simply Sleek Conditioner
Following up with our Simply Sleek Conditioner after a wash is the secret to a tangle-free, smooth coat. This conditioner is formulated to detangle, moisturise, and soften, making it easier to brush through even the most stubborn knots.

4. Magic Coat Spray

A must-have in any salon, this magic grooming spray offers solutions to a range of coat types, and  whole host of additional benefits whether you're scissoring the coat, styling or simply giving your pooch a much needed refresh.  This super-spray tackles countless salon situations. Need to add condition to a freshly shampooed pooch? Just spray the Magic Coat Spray and brush through! Need to reduce static? Magic has you covered. Need to cut or brush through tough matts & tangles? You guessed it, Magic Coat Spray will detangle with ease!

5. DezynaDog Scissors
Precision is key in grooming, and our top-of-the-line scissors offer just that. Available in various sizes and styles, these scissors are designed for exact cuts, helping groomers achieve the perfect look every time.  Choose from the Aureus and Ignis ranges to find your perfect cut. 

6. Signature Cologne
Finish every grooming session with a spritz of luxury. Our cologne not only smells wonderful but also contains conditioning agents to keep the coat soft and shiny. It’s the perfect final touch for a fresh, clean feel that lasts.

Each product in the DezynaDog range is designed with the wellbeing of dogs in mind, ensuring that grooming is a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

7. Motus By DezynaDog

Motus by DezynaDog, a two-speed cordless dog clipper designed with performance, convenience and reliability in mind. Topping the charts on run-time, warranty and design, this clipper will keep up with the busiest grooming schedules – remaining comfortable to hold and eye-catchingly stylish the entire time.
Part of the DezynaDog range, the Motus cordless dog clipper offers the same historical balance of heritage and quality, with a modernised blend of style and expertly-crafted function. Designed in Northern Ireland, we’re proud to say the Motus is the newest addition to this established, respected and much-loved brand.
Cutting Edge Clipper

Not just a pretty case – the Motus, with its two-speed levels and spare battery, makes light work of everyday appointments. Operating at 3000 SPM, or 3800 SPM on the high-speed setting, the Motus finds the perfect balance between torque and tempo to make cutting through thick coats as easy as possible.
With a run-time of 4 hours per battery, a fast charge time of 2.5 hours and a slow charge time of 5 hours, the Motus will keep you clipping all day – especially thanks to the in-built constant speed technology that prevents the clipper from slowing down when the battery is low. To fast charge, simply plug the depleted battery into the right side of the charging stand when using the second battery.