Chris Christensen - available NOW!

Chris Christensen - available NOW!
Chris Christensen - available NOW!

Chris Christensen


Why high-end show dog groomers choose Chris Christensen 

If you haven’t heard of Chris Christensen’s prestigious show dog products, where have you been? We are so excited to reveal that you will soon be able to get your hands on the prestigious Chris Christensen’s dog grooming products, through our website, all the way from Texas.  

Countless hours of testing, trials and prototypes go into this brand’s products until they are considered perfect, and they are constantly evolving which is all thanks to the innovation and dedication of the CEO, Chris Christensen.  

During Chris’ first thirty-five years in the working world, he was a successful rep for beauty products, selling premium shampoos and hairsprays. His first idea was to incorporate his extensive knowledge within the cosmetics industry to formulate a shampoo with the aim of enhancing white coats (the famous ‘White On White’ Shampoo) which is still one of his top five selling products.  

Chris’ success came from the fact that he identified what was missing from the market and what his target customers longed for, simply by attending dog shows and discovering for himself. Dog owners at the shows would propose ideas that were taken on board for new products. As time went on, Christensen was continually able to identify areas needing improvement in the market and therefore, his line grew rapidly and continues to grow. 


What grooming products are on offer? 

Nearly five hundred products later, there are always new products in development. Chris Christensen offers all-breed products, intensive coat treatments, coat-specific products, grooming tools and the quietest force dryers available today, to name a few. These products retail at a premium price due to the fact that you can trust that these products will do exactly as they say, as a result of Chris Christensen’s thriving reputation. Chris Christensen offers an extensive range of shampoos, conditioners and coat care, as well as more creative products such a coat chalks for aesthetic enhancement of show dogs! If we listed every type of product on offer from this brand, we’d be here all day! We would urge you to explore our site to see just how much is available to you.  


Our Top Picks: 

White On White Shampoo 

White on White Shampoo

Chris Christensen’s famous White On White Shampoo  was created with the aim of removing any unwanted brassy tones from a dog’s coat. One unique aspect of this shampoo is that it can be used on all coat colours, unlike other similar products on the market. This product doesn’t contain any bleaching agents so it is kind to the dog’s coat. The White On White Shampoo is ready-to-use so no need to dilute, meaning more product to go around! 


Thick N Thicker Bodifier Texturizer Spray 

Thick N Thicker Bodifier Texturizer Spray 

The entire Thick N Thicker  range is a real asset to the company. However, one product that really stands out to us is the Thick N Thicker Bodifier Texturizer Spray. This product is a state-of-the-art texturising spray that adds volume to the coat, creating a weightless, medium hold. The Thick N Thicker Bodifier Texturizer Spray is for use on a dry coat, leaving it luxuriously soft and shiny. What more could you want in a product? 


Big G & Big K Slicker Brushes 

Big G & Big K Slicker Brushes 

With such an extensive range of shapes and sizes, you’re bound to find the perfect slicker brush in the Big G & Big K  range, for you. These fantastic slicker brushes come in a classic black or if you want to add a pop of colour to your salon, they’re also available in a vibrant coral colour. The beauty of these slicker brushes is that you can fluff, detangle and style, all with one tool whilst saving time and energy. Another excellent feature of these brushes is that they have GroomGrip coating so they can be used with ease whilst bathing. These brushes are available in three different sizes, baby, medium and large, meaning they’re suitable for all breeds. Trust us, these slicker brushes are a MUST for your salon! 


Christies Direct is so excited to make this huge range of amazing Chris Christensen products available to you and we can’t wait for you to try them out. Whether you’re into creative grooming or day-to-day salon grooms, there will definitely be something to add to your collection. You won’t be disappointed! 

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