UK National Pet Month

UK National Pet Month
UK National Pet Month

National Pet Month

National Pet Month

April is National Pet Month in the UK.

We're preaching to the converted when we say spending time with dogs brings SO much joy! Whether as a pet parent or a groomer, dogs give us so much affection and deserve attention and care to keep them healthy and happy.  

In April NPM shares its objectives 

- to promote responsible pet ownership

- to make people aware of the mutual benefits of living with pets

- to increase public awareness of the role of pet care specialists

- to raise awareness of the value of working and assistance companion animals

- to encourage fundraising for the UK pet welfare charities and organisations.

While it's great these are highlighted at this time of the year, being a responsible pet parent is not limited to the month of April!  Check out our blog post with tips on how to be a responsible pet owner. 

As part of National Pet Month, we are delighted to introduce one of our chosen charities for 2021 - The Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary.

The Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary is a not-for-profit, independent registered charity close to our head office which has been in existence since 1996 and concentrates its works on animal re-homing, education, and relieving the distress and suffering of unwanted animals.  The charity operates a strict ‘No Kill’ policy and in 2019 found forever homes for 334 dogs and 314 cats, which have been saved from possible destruction.  Prior to re-homing, and on the successful completion of a home check, all animals are vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped.  Measures are also put in place to ensure that all animals may be returned to the safe haven of the Sanctuary should they encounter any difficulties in their new home.

This year they are fundraising to develop an additional piece of land for which they have just received planning permission.  This development will allow for external and large runs, with agility, for the dogs and also a dedicated puppy unit, meet and greet area, and living room (this gives the dogs an opportunity to experience life in a home).   

We are looking forward to raising funds to help with their 2021 projects.

Thanks to Janet, who shared with us this story of one of their dogs - Diesel.

"Diesel, a bull breed dog arrived with us approximately 3 years ago and at the time he was a fearful dog that manifested itself in being reactive to other dogs and difficult to handle.  In behavioural terms though, we assessed this as Diesel having a difficult time himself and not him giving us a difficult time

Efforts were concentrated on building his confidence, teaching him tricks and dealing with his issues with other dogs.  As a result of this, he changed in many ways and became a firm favourite with our staff and volunteers while spending much valuable time in reception welcoming our many visitors. 

 The issues with other dogs however remained ongoing.

Numerous appeals were made in the hope of re-homing Diesel, all to no avail.

Let us introduce you to Hundar utan hem, ‘Dogs without Hope’, a rescue based in Sweden that welcome bull-type breed dogs and who re-home in a country where there is a different attitude to this breed and where their personal traits are more accepted. 

On average they re-home a total of 850 dogs from Ireland every year – we think this is amazing!

Diesel was advertised on their site and approximately 18 months later our Diesel caught the eye of a lovely, young couple who were willing to see beyond Diesel’s challenging behaviour and gave him the chance he’d been waiting for.  After much communication and updates with us and the rescue, confirmation was received that Diesel would move to share his life with these great folk, and arrangements were made for his move to Sweden.  Passport and vaccinations were confirmed by ourselves and in early June 2020 Diesel set off for his 40-hour journey by van and boat to his forever home.

We cannot underestimate the joy we all felt seeing videos and photos of Diesel arriving in Sweden and being welcomed by his new family; we’re delighted to report that he has settled in extremely well and is living his dream life."


Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary Just Giving


It's fantastic to see this good news story from Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary and to see Diesel find his forever home.  Read more from Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary here - We're Celebrating our 25th Anniversary

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