Season's Groomings

Season's Groomings
Season's Groomings

Santa Dog Season's grooming's

Season's Groomings from Christies Direct 

As winter settles in, the change in seasons can affect a dog’s coat and skin.  They are now exposed to colder temperatures, wind, rain, and dampness, and maybe even snow or ice.  The useful grit on pavements and roads can affect their coats and their skin plus, their coat can be left dry from continued exposure to central heating.

When a dog’s winter coats come in some owners may believe, incorrectly, that they will be protected from all these things.  Some may even believe, as they are maybe spending less time outside getting dirty, that bathing and grooming are less essential. If you notice a lapse in regular appointments, it is important to remind your customers how important winter grooming is for their dog’s welfare.


Dogs with thick coats and double-coated breeds will definitely be kept warmer during the winter months than a short-coated breed, but only if these coats are well looked after.  The undercoat is the layer of fur that helps regulate a dog’s temperature, and without regular brushing and cleaning this will become dirty and matted.  If not looked after the undercoat is not allowed to breathe and it will not only take a long time to dry after baths and walks, but it will be really uncomfortable for the dog and may even develop an unpleasant smell.  Matts can hold water, which means their dog’s coat does not act as insulation anymore but instead, it is like being wrapped in a wet towel – not pleasant! This matted dirty and wet undercoat will eventually leave the dog colder, and open to weather-related illnesses. These damp conditions can also provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria too, and can lead to infection and pain for the dog.

Moisturising Pet Shampoos

The harsh weather conditions and central heating can strip the coat and skin of moisture so it’s important to select products targeted at nourishing and moisturising.  Ingredients such as almond oil, coconut oil and argan oil are extremely effective at penetrating the hair shaft, strengthening, moisturising and restoring shine.

Moisturising Products



Dogs are probably outside less during winter, so their nails are not being worn down by friction as they walk on pavements and paths, so it is important to check their nails when they visit your salon. Keep the fur trimmed around paws as well, as too much hair between pads can attract snow and ice and cause pain for the dog. Pay extra attention to dirt, and salt and chemicals from grit which may get stuck under the nails and in the fur between the pads.  If the dog’s paws are itching and annoying them, they may lick their paws and these chemicals are not meant to be ingested.

Paw and Nose Care

Ears – Keep an eye on ears as cold, wet weather can aggravate chronic ear conditions.  You will be able to properly clean a dog’s ears which will help owners notice any changes in the dog’s ears. 

Nose – Central heating and the harsh winter conditions can leave dogs’ noses dry.  As smelling is their strongest sense, this will not only be uncomfortable but can limit their ability to smell.  Nose and Paw Balm from Petcare is enriched with aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango seeds and vitamin E.  These ingredients are not only moisturising but also antiseptic.

Warren London Paw Treatment

Fleas in Winter - Thanks to central heating and milder winters in some parts of the world, due to global warming, fleas can be a problem all year round and as flea pupae can survive in homes for up to several months, preventative care is best. To consider a flea shampoo or spray like Groom Professional Bye Bye Buzz .

‘Tis the season to smell delicious

Festive Scent Products

Groom Professional Shampoos

We have a fantastic range of Groom Professional shampoos and colognes with festive scents perfect for this time of year.  These shampoos are more than just fragrances, however, and each has fantastic properties to help maintain coats and skin during winter.

A favourite in our office is Christmas Cookie .  This rich shampoo is packed full of nourishing and conditioning ingredients such as vitamin E, jojoba oil, and Panthenol Pro vitamin B5.  As well as leaving the coat soft, clean and glossy this shampoo has a sumptuous festive scent of sweet vanilla cookies and cream – Yum!  Follow with a spritz of the matching cologne for a long-lasting delicious smell!

Nothing says Christmas like the scent of cinnamon and we also have Warm Spice and Vanilla , and Cinnamon Sugar which also has a fruity hint of apple and lemon reminiscent of Christmas pudding.

If your customers prefer less sweet scents, Groom Professional Mulled Orange Shampoo is a great festive treat.  This gorgeous warm scented shampoo is a gentle cleanser, that will leave the coat manageable and soft.  Winter Walks reminds you of just that, the fresh smell of eucalyptus and fir trees as you get outside with your best furry friend.  All these scents are available as shampoo and cologne. 

Our festive scent colognes are great stocking fillers for pet owners and are available in a retail box perfect to pop beside your till as you head into the busy Christmas period.    

Christie's Direct Christmas Products

Festive Add-ons

With current restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, your grooms may be focused only on coat care and not extras such as spa treatments or creative grooming. An easy add-on to brighten your customer’s day are the Groom Professional luxury Christmas Bows or a spritz of the show season sparkle spray

Groomer Hand Moisturiser

Things to Remind your Customers to do this Winter

  1. Regular rub-downs – Ensure coat is dry after being outside or after being in the bath
  2. Wipe Down – Wipes are great to keep in the car or at the back door to wipe paws after a walk, removing any chemicals or dirt. Wipes are also great for wiping down faces or genital areas.
  3. Brushing – regular brushing will help reduce matts and tangles and will distribute natural oils throughout the coat keeping it moisturised and healthy.  It will also stimulate skin and encourage hair growth.
  4. Pedicures – trimming nails as salt and dirt can get underneath them if they are long.

Christies Direct Christmas Presents


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