Our Andis Best Sellers

Our Andis Best Sellers
Our Andis Best Sellers

Andis Best Sellers

Andis Dog Grooming 

Andis company was founded in the early 1920s by Matthew Andis.  Their first electric clippers were revolutionary as they were smaller and faster than others on the market and vastly outperformed them.  It wasn’t until 1970s that they entered the animal grooming marketing with their fast, powerful direct rotary motor clipper and their clipper range are staples in grooming salons in over 90 countries around the world.  Andis are a family-held business focused on success and the core values of their forefathers and going forward they work to continue to innovate and create top-performing tools.


UltraEdge 2 speed Clipper

UltraEdge Super 2 Speed Clipper in Spring Green Clipper

This model is our top selling clipper, a grooming salon staple at an incredible price.  This fantastic Spring Green colourway is currently on offer with 10% off too!

Firstly some facts about the AGC

  • It’s a 2 speed clipper
  • It’s suitable for all coat types
  • It has a brushless motor
  • It has a heavy-duty cord – 3m
  • The detachable blades making it easy to clean
  • Available in 5 colours

The Super AGC 2 corded clippers take the features of the AGC-2 model and adds more speed allowing you to work faster and cut groom times.  It runs at 3800 strokes per minute on the high speed and 3000 strokes per minute on the low speed. This durable brushless motor delivers maximum torque for tackling thicker coats.  It is a quiet but powerful clipper and has low vibrations so perfect for nervous dogs.  The ergonomic design means they are comfortable to hold and being corded you are guaranteed maximum performance all day.  This clipper comes with an Andis CeramicEdge #10 blade and lubricant oil. The ceramic blade will heat up less so helps avoid clipper burn. This clipper is suitable for everyone from beginner to pro.   

UltraEdge No 7F Blade and No. 10 Blade

Andis Clipper Blade

The UltraEdge blades continue to be our bestselling blade range year after year. Investing in a quality blade is more economical as they will last you longer.  The UltraEdge range are extremely durable. They are manufactured with precision engineering to ensure they give the best performance every groom.  These blades are hardened through a special process so will stay sharper for longer and the chrome finish to less likely to rust or tarnish.   The 7F blade leaves 3.2mm of hair so this is a great blade to tackle those tighter matts.  This blade makes grooming so easy and leaves a beautiful smooth finish.  The No 10 blade leaves around 1.5mm hair so great for faces, tummies, and ears

Both these blades will be an A5 type professional dog clipper.

Andis CNG-1 Cordless Nail Grinder

Andis Nail Grinder

Nail grinders can give a smoother finish than a clipper.  For jumpy dogs, you may wish to use a grinder rather than risk clipping and catching the quick and if you’re looking for quality and durability you won’t find better than the Andis CNG-1 Cordless Nail Grinder.  It has 2 different speed settings and runs quietly so shouldn’t upset nervous dogs.  It can be used corded or cordless and has a run time of around 3 hours. The grinder functions at a high power and this doesn’t slow down while grinding. Box includes a grinding stone, finishing stone, charging cable, protective cap, and detachable plugs.

Animal Comb Guide Set

Andis Clipper Guides

Comb guides a great alternative to buying several sizes of blades. They are much cheaper to buy, and they can leave longer lengths than blades. Most clippers already come with a standard number 10 blade, which comb guides can be easily attached to.

The Andis comb guide set is one of our top-selling Andis products.  It features 7 comb guides with premium metal clips to attach them firmly to the clipper blade.  These plastic guides are colour coded and laser etched so they are really easy to identify.  You can easily fit them to a No 10 UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades and they will allow you to achieve a great range of cut lengths. They glide smoothly through all coat types and leave a top-class finish. As they are made of plastic they don’t get warm the way a metal blade would so will help protect against clipper burn.

  • No 7 – 1.5mm
  • No 5 – 3mm
  • No 4 – 6mm
  • No 2 – 10mm
  • No 1 – 13mm
  • A – 19mm
  • E – 25mm

These comb guides come in a hardwearing glass plastic case, perfect for keeping them safe and organised in your salon.

Andis Deshedding Tool

Andis Deshedding Tool

Small but mighty this deshedding tool is fantastic.  It’s easy to use, doesn’t pull on the coat but rather the unique shape and tooth pattern allows it to glide effortlessly easily through to remove up to 90% of the loose undercoat. You’ll be amazed by the amount of hair this removes and the top coat will remain undamaged.   This isn’t an expensive tool, but an essential for every salon and it’s comfortable to use with its rubber grip handle. Once at our Groom Pro Ireland event we had sold out in a matter of minutes after Amy Manser mentioned and demonstrated it on stage, so it comes with her seal of approval.

Andis 7 in 1 Blade Care Spray and Clipper Oil

Andis Blade Care and Oil

The Andis Blade care spray works to washes away hair build-up on your blades.  You can use this In its useful spray bottle Andis 7 in 1 can be used is a decontaminate and cleaner before and after grooms and during clipping as a coolant.  As well as cooling it will lubricate blades and also contains ingredients to prevent rust.  Regular use will help maintain your blades and increase their longevity.

The Andis Clipper Oil is a lightweight oil that helps lubricate blades and prevents them from overheating. It should be used on blades only and never on internal clipper parts. Oiling is quick and straightforward and will improve your blade performance and prevent unnecessary wear. You should oil your blades after cleaning.



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