Investing In Your Tools

Investing In Your Tools
Investing In Your Tools

Invest in your tools

Grooming tools

At Christies Direct, we don’t believe in the cheap grab-and-go quick fixes.  If you’ve spoken with our knowledgeable sales team you will know that they take time and ask questions so that they can offer you the best advice possible.  This advice will help you make informed decisions on what you purchase for your pet salon.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to spend as little as possible, particularly if you are starting out and need to purchase a lot of equipment at one time, but investing in the right tools will not only give better results but can also save you money and time. 

Why should I invest in my tools?

A good offer on a piece of equipment is worth very little if it breaks down frequently or isn’t fit for purpose.   Items from quality brands that are serviced and cleaned regularly will need repaired less than cheaper alternatives.  They are manufactured to a higher standard and have higher quality parts. It is, however, worth considering your cost per use.  Certain items in your salon will be used more frequently than others so consider this when researching your purchases and allocating your budget. 

If you shop smarter for your salon, you’ll shop less.  This is not only great for your pocket but also for the environment, generating less waste while ensuring your equipment works with you to cut groom times, give a better finish and ensure you’re not struggling through a groom because of poor battery life, or quick dulling scissors. 

It is also important to make the correct choices for you and your business. It may be worth considering;

  • What is my budget?
  • What items will get the most use?
  • What is my skill level (long time groomer or newly qualified groomer)?
  • What equipment do I already have in the salon?
  • What brands am I familiar with?
  • What coat types do I see in my salon?
  • What styles and treatments do I want to offer?
  • Where will larger equipment fit?
  • Do I need to cater for multiple staff?
  • What volume of dogs will I groom each day?

Making the correct choices alongside properly caring for and regularly servicing your equipment will mean you avoid waiting while items are repaired or having to re-purchase those costly ‘quick fixes’ to fill a gap while your equipment is out of action, or when you realise a certain product doesn’t work for you.


Shop Smarter

To start with, we advise researching what you need for your salon and addressing the questions above, and then it’s always worth getting some expert advice.  Our sales team are happy to help with any enquiries and we also have some great Youtube videos to talk you through some of our top-selling equipment.  Our Youtube channel features product information and product comparisons, advice on equipment maintenance and advice focused on certain coat types.

Sales team

Invest in Education

Your hands are also your tools so know how to use them.  We run regular seminars and annual weekend education events to encourage groomers to continually develop their skills and techniques.  It’s important to keep up to date with the latest industry information but also to expand your product knowledge and ensure you’re adhering to best practice in your salon.  We work with world renowned top groomers and grooming educators to provide you with a platform to ask questions and get the answers you need to meet your business goals.  

Grooming Education

Servicing and Maintenance

Carrying out basic maintenance on your equipment will prolong its life.  Investing in cleaning, oiling, drying, disinfecting, removing dander and hair, replacing parts and careful use and storage are all essential to ensure you get the best out of your equipment and for the longest time.

Flexible Finance Options

If you’re worried about the immediate costs, we can help. Christies Direct not only offers unbiased advice across the wide range of brands we have available, but we also offer flexible payment options to suit your businesses. 

With Klarna you can invest in the equipment that will make your business a success, you don’t have to settle. Paying off your equipment in monthly instalments frees up your cash and creates better stability for your business.  You can start grooming immediately and generate income to fund these repayments. 


Don’t forget every time you shop with Christies Direct you earn Paw Points as part of our Pawsh Perks scheme.  You can use your points to shop with Christies Direct and will also receive a whole host of perks depending on what tier you achieve.  Read more about Pawsh Perks



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