How to Pamper Your Pooch this Best Friends Day

How to Pamper Your Pooch this Best Friends Day
How to Pamper Your Pooch this Best Friends Day

Best Friends Day

Best Friends Day

The 8th June is Best Friends Day - a day to celebrate the important relationships in our lives and none more important than our relationships with our pet besties. 

It has been said that it is not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matter, and the benefits of friendship are endless.  Friendships enrich our lives, bring us happiness, improve our self-confidence and boost our mood.  Being part of a friendship group increases our sense of belonging and often brings us purpose.

The love we receive from our dogs is pure and unconditional and having these furry friends in our lives definitely makes our days brighter.

     Annie and AmeliaNicole and RubyRyan and Alfie

Here are some great ways to pamper your pooch and show them you love them this Best Friends Day.

The Pawfect at Home Treatments for your Canine Companion

A Pedicure for your Pup - Tropiclean Fresh Paw Treatment

This luxurious combination of warm vanilla and oatmeal will soothe and restore dry and cracked pads while you pup enjoys moisturising bubbles scented with vitamin enriched bath oils.



Mud Mask and Massage -

This massaging spa mud turns skin and coat repair into a pampering experience for your pet.  This mud, supercharged with Diatomaceous Earth and Apple Cider Vinegar, naturally detoxes, and soothes irritated skin and eliminates fleas.  The results are a gorgeous glossy coat and beautifully nourished skin.


Brush and Cuddles

Your pet adores being brushed and cuddle.  Being fussed over and cared for makes them feel great.  Brushing your pet’s coat with a soft slicker brush  is not only a great way to avoid matts and tangles between grooming but a year way to bond.


Treat your Pet to a signature Scent

We bet you love the gorgeous smell of your dog when they return from the groomers - so why not treat your dog to a new signature scent.   We have an amazing range of Groom Professional colognes which are the perfect way to freshen your dog between baths.  Our top selling Baby Fresh cologne also contains chamomile extracts which soothe the skin.


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